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URGENT – Lawn Resurfacing Rules

Kirk Marcolina

If you’ve been down to the club recently, you’ve seen that council is undertaking a major resurfacing project on our lawn rigging area. We have worked with council to maintain access to our club by agreeing to adhere to a strict set of rules for boat rigging and derigging. If we do not abide by these rules WE WILL HAVE NO ACCESS AT ALL. Please carefully read and uphold the following rules:

  • Rigging and derigging ONLY on the beach; hosing ONLY on the boat ramp and closest half of the concrete semi-circle at the top
  • NO dollies (including spare ones) are to be placed on the lawn area.  Spare dollies should be stacked CAREFULLY on the lino area inside the clubhouse and on the left-hand side of the concrete semi-circle outside the clubhouse, continuing inside the clubhouse as needed, but not blocking any racks, and leaving a one-boat width access corridor to and from the clubhouse
  • Wheel dollies carefully over the lawn area, keeping as close as possible to the sea wall and minimising disturbance to the ground
  • We suggest folding of sails should occur on the front deck (or on your boat deck)
  • The beach to the east of the 18 footers is available if access to the DBSC beach is too difficult or crowded – access via the path to the north and east of the Steyne Park dinghy racks
  • The concrete semi-circle above the second, western-most boat ramp is also available, but can be accessed only from the beach

Thanks for your help and understanding with these requirements. The project is scheduled to be completed by mid-July. It is vital that we work with council and are a good community partner. 

A greener future is in store. 

A greener future is in store.