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79 Bay St
Double Bay, NSW, 2028

The finest Laser sailing club in the world, located in Double Bay on Sydney Harbour.

How many times can a visitor race with DBSC?

After three (3) races as a visitor, we would expect you to become a member if you want to join the DBSC fleet for racing, or use the DBSC facilities.  Note that the "three (3)" visits are in toto, and NOT per season. There is no charge for visitors to join our fleet.

While visiting our races, we ask that you do not cross the finish line because it complicates scoring for our volunteer officials.  Also, we ask you NOT to interfere in racing between DBSC boats, particularly at the marks, during Championship and Point-Score competitions where you could influence the podium places.

Click here to become a member.

We don't want to embarrass anyone by asking them to remove themselves from our race, so if have already visited us three (3) times and chosen not to become a member,  please do not visit again.