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79 Bay St
Double Bay, NSW, 2028

The finest Laser sailing club in the world, located in Double Bay on Sydney Harbour.


Volunteering opportunities


As observed last week, if everyone took on one small volunteering job, we would be the premier volunteer-run organisation in the world:  "bigly".

Here are the opportunities (and ideal skill/experience sets):

  • organising the Centre of Engineering Excellence (OCD that manifests itself in clinical tidiness);
  • checking the dollie wheels to ensure the are properly secured and tyres pumped (anyone who has a level 1 parking spot);
  • trainee Toastie maker (no skills needed as Mrs Wise Master, #1 Toastie maker, can provide all the training necessary);
  • vblogger to record Life Member stories on their smartphone or hacked Nokia 2110 (anyone who knows what a vblogger is or has hacked their Nokia 2110);
  • organising the milk crates so each has only one anchor and one chain, both with "sister clips" (engineer, or someone who aspired to be an engineer but could only manage the lower intellectual hurdle of the law);
  • packing the fridges with beverages, and disposing of the rubbish each Saturday afternoon before the close (anyone who has a level 2 parking spot);
  • putting all sailing gear left on the vinyl flooring in the bin (large physical imposing person, who might be eventually confronted by someone whose sails, wetsuits, sheets shouldn't have been left in the wrong place and have been rubbished);
  • monitoring appropriate levels of sunscreen on those sunbathing, European style on the deck (medical degree);
  • spending at least one 3 hour Sunday session a season serving in the canteen (anyone who has a level 3 parking spot);
  • write to council complaining about the lawn in front of our club house weekly (local Wollahra resident);
  • washing and polishing the Commodore's cars, and that of his immediate family members (anyone who has a level 5 parking spot and  wants to be lowered - and doesn't sail often enough to go down lower in the racks.)