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79 Bay St
Double Bay, NSW, 2028

The finest Laser sailing club in the world, located in Double Bay on Sydney Harbour.


Friday's AGM to determine major policy


It appears that a DBSC member has been temporarily suspended as a member of Royal Sydney Golf Club: see news item.

While we believe that melanoma is a serious issue in Australia, we don't agree with the way RSGC has addressed the issue.  Also, vitamin D deficiency is becoming more common and that needs to be  addressed.  There is also the social preference of encouraging the loved ones and least hostile acquaintances of members to use the club while members are competing in their chosen sport.

To that end the club's Politburo (previously known by the sexist moniker, ManCo) has proposed to authorise European-style sunbathing on the DBSC deck, subject to certain conditions.  Ozzy is to draft a disclaimer form to cover the risk of over-exposure to the sun and  Troublemaker is to get our insurers to approve the form for public liability purposes.  Once in place, we will consider how spot checks of the prescribed levels of sunscreen will be carried out without over-burdening our superbly efficient Canteen Crew.

The policy will also apply to those associated with the 18s who visit the club on Sundays.

Any objections to the new policy can be raised at the AGM this week.  Due to the importance of the issue, we are still considering whether acceptance of the new policy will require 75% of those members present to vote in favour of it, or whether rejection will require 75% to vote against it. 

Regardless, please help with the AGM catering by RSVP'ing at:

By clicking on this link on your Aldi tablet, you can see how democracy worked in 2014.

Editors Note: Double Bay is the leading sailing club in western Sydney.  We represent a wide range of  demographics, and are the only club in Sydney to have a policy welcoming absolutely everyone (except d**kheads), including LGBTs, vegetarians, rangas and those with a BMI over 25.