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Call for Measurers for the Nationals at Belmont

Luke Parker


The Laser Open Nationals are at Belmont from 27th December 2015 to 4th January 2016. The NSWLA is on track for most of the arrangements but are light on for folks with some experience to do the necessary equipment measurement for the event.  Double Bay did a magnificent job managing this at the last Nationals in NSW at Georges River.  So the NSWLA were wondering whether some of our team may be able to again assist at Belmont.

The measurement runs over two days 27 and 28th December so they will fund some overnight accommodation for those that are not likely to be at Belmont competing at the event. The NSWLA has all the measurement equipment – templates gauges etc, and would have them delivered to Belmont, but they need a few folks with the experience and Laser measurement capability. 

Kevin Philips has asked us to gauge the interest in this with DBSC.  If prospective volunteers would drop an email, I'll consolidate and pass to NSWLA.