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79 Bay St
Double Bay, NSW, 2028

The finest Laser sailing club in the world, located in Double Bay on Sydney Harbour.


Happy New Year

Luke Parker

Happy New Year!!  Weren't the fireworks great!  But what a pain it was to get home etc

DBSC is here to help you with your new years fitness resolutions (at least for a week).  We have 2 days with decent Noreasters forecast.  Great opportunity to work off: the Xmas ham, the turkey, the pudding, seconds on the ham, that extra little bit of turkey that you didn't want to go to waste, the "oh you're not eating the pudding? I'll help you out", those "it would be rude no to have one more beer" beers, and so on.

Thursday 1 January Twilightish.    Informal Sailing for those with both a leave pass and a manageable hangover. 4pm splash

Saturday 3 January.    Sprints or, if the breeze is up and there is consensus, a long course around islands and lighthouses.  Most of the hard work is at the beginning, then we have lots of good fun reaches.  2pm start.

  1. Start at DBSC, off beach with handicaps?
  2. Wooden tripod off north Rose Bay entrance.  (then Quick downwind to give the legs a break)
  3.  White lighthouse on north side of Shark island 
  4. Eastern Chanel light (white Lighthouse off Watsons bay).  Let the fun begin.....
  5. Western channel light (white lighthouse on western side of habour, opposite Watsons bay)
  6. Wooden Tripod off rose bay entrance
  7. YA Taylor's bay mark (yellow pin off Mosman, North of Steele point)
  8. Shark island
  9. Clake Island.  then one short work to cap it off.  If you are lagging, head home from here
  10. KFC bouy (Red and white stripped bouy in channel off Steel Point)
  11. DBSC