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79 Bay St
Double Bay, NSW, 2028

The finest Laser sailing club in the world, located in Double Bay on Sydney Harbour.


Festive Season Sailing

Luke Parker

If you're not travelling to Perth for the Laser Nationals, nor leaving a burley trail on the way to Hobart, there is no formal racing until 10 January.

But there are options:

27th December.    Informal Sailing for those with a leave pass / medical certificate after 3 days cooped up with your loved ones.  There's no better way to get over Festivus, Christmas and Boxing Day than a sail. If there's a good breeze, we will consider one long race to work off the festive calories.  2pm splash

3 January. 92% of New Years resolutions involve noble but stretch goals such as"I will do more exercise" and/or "I will lose weight". Fools.  But there is hope, Dear Member, for even if you are so silly as to make such public declarations, you are smart enough to sail a laser at DBSC.  Don't blow a grand on an annual Gym membership that won't be used past Australia Day because we both know you will wake up to the fact that you look ridiculous in tight spandex, especially when surrounded by 23 y.o. surgically enhanced nubiles who don't look ridiculous in tight spandex.  Head down to DBSC and "feel the burn" on your nautical universal gym.  This week we'll work your Abs, Glutes, Pecs and Cardio.  ONJ Sweatbands optional.  2pm splash for sprints.