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Top Tip – How to Dry Wet Boots

Kirk Marcolina

Last week Wet Foot Freddie asked how to dry his boots after a day on the water. DBSC members have come to the rescue with these suggestions:

Fill with scrunched up newspaper (or other absorbent paper) works with wet work boots & actual trekking/hiking boots. Leave in dry shaded area not full sun as get over heated & sweat. — Mick Forbes

I just hand them to Dad and hey presto next time I need them, they are dry!  — Sylvie Stannage

Open them up, rinse them out, drying racks are useful, accept they are a consumable and let the sun and breeze do the work! — Chris Stannage

Stuff your booties with newspaper! — Katie McHugh

My solution is 12min spin cycle in the washing machine for everything except the life jacket. Then hang everything on the clothes rack inside. Boots upside down as shown in the photo. Everything is dry by the next day.  —Andrew Cox


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