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79 Bay St
Double Bay, NSW, 2028

The finest Laser sailing club in the world, located in Double Bay on Sydney Harbour.


Big Boat Report

Jonathan Stone

written by Jonathan Stone

Four boats committed to the race, on a breezy and cold spring afternoon. The wind was south-easterly gusting up to 25 knots. On Time & Tide we set up our #3 headsail - our smallest - knowing that when the breeze is heavy the secret of speed is boat management.

We were a bit late getting to the boat (Mat had run the 10km Bridge run earlier in the morning) but we did a quick rig, slipped our mooring - and were quickly in trouble. Long story short - my inattention - we ran over a tender on a mooring. its painter wrapped around our rudder; the little boat capsized, outboard and all and then clung to our stern.  It took a lot of help and time before the problem was sorted. 

So, T&T missed the start even though it was delayed; Lonny, G-Force and Smitten all raced. Smitten was leading at the first and second marks, with Lonny and the late-starting G-Force close to each other but being outpaced by Smitten in the big breeze.

Smitten mistakenly went to the wrong top mark at Sow’n Pigs, allowing G-Force to take the lead. They held it to the end, from Smitten and then Lonny.

Across the line I have:

  • G-Force

  • Smitten

  • Lonny

A challenging, sunny, very breezy and cold afternoon. I do accept global warming but on some afternoons, it is more difficult to do so than on others.