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The finest Laser sailing club in the world, located in Double Bay on Sydney Harbour.


Hard Work Pays Off

Kirk Marcolina

By all accounts the Inaugural Women’s Laser Regatta was a HUGE success. But it wouldn’t have come off so well if it hadn’t been for the days of planning and hard work put in by so many DBSC members – especially from the core Women’s Regatta Committee of Clare Alexander, Christine Linhart and Christine Patton. These three women worked tirelessly to create a word-class event. 

The Incredible Women’s Laser Regatta Committee.

The Incredible Women’s Laser Regatta Committee.

DBSC’s Secretary, Clare Alexander, had been dreaming of a way to inspire more women and girls to become laser sailors for some time. Both to nurture those new to the class and hone the skills of more advanced sailors. It’s a theme echoed by Christine Patton, “I revel in sharing sailing with others and bringing this wonderful sport to a broader audience.”

Clare introduced the idea of a weekend-long women’s sailing event to the Management Committee last year and after receiving a thumbs up, planning started in earnest. The initial idea was to hold the event last autumn, but after speaking to many female sailors in the area, it was decided September would be a better date.  The two Christines got on bard soon thereafter, and since May it has been full-steam ahead. 

The incredible planning and hard work paid off, and the team couldn’t be happier with the result. Clare exclaims, “Every minute of the many hours and days of organising an event like this from the ground up, with a completely different format to what we are used to, was all worth it when I saw how happy the women and girls were from the moment they came to DBSC!” 

Christine Linhart is quick to point out that the weekend couldn’t have happened without all the support from the broader DBSC community. She says, “The most common feedback from the regatta entrants was how incredible the DBSC community is. It was a sea of smiles from all of the wonderful DBSC members who volunteered their time and their enthusiasm to make the weekend so fantastic.”

The Women’s Committee would like to extend a MASSIVE thank you to all who said YES to helping - everyone from boat lenders to toastie makers, from the website team to the treasury team, from on shore riggers to dolly helpers, from on water support to our coaches and from our generous sponsors to the supportive families. 

The DBSC Men Came Out in Force.

The DBSC Men Came Out in Force.

We can’t thank everyone by name, as the list would include almost every DBSC member, but a special word of thanks to the canteen crew of Paul Adam, Shirley Roach, Andrea Bergman and Tim Patton. Our female sailors devoured the delicious toasties on Saturday… and on Sunday the food standards were lifted again with introduction of the Benedict Buns! Thanks to the crew for providing the women and girls something delicious and wholesome.

Clare explains, “EVERYONE deserves to look back on this and know they contributed to something very special and unique and know that they made a difference this weekend. The Women’s Regatta Committee are so thankful for all the support.”

The Canteen Crew Shines.

The Canteen Crew Shines.