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Double Bay, NSW, 2028

The finest Laser sailing club in the world, located in Double Bay on Sydney Harbour.


Another New Bin!

Kirk Marcolina

DBSC is serious about recycling!

The club has taken delivery of a "St George Collect and Earn" bin. It has a blue lid, and you can put anything under the new 10-cent recycling deposit scheme in this bin. When the bin is almost full, someone should leave the bin out and notify Mark Crowhurst and he will book a collection. The club gets the 10 cents from each vessel in here. If we find it fills too quickly, you may see another of these turn-up to reduce the number of pickups.

Please note that it appears that if the barcode is not readable, we do not get a refund (i.e. please do not crush cans). Also, if there are too many non-scheme vessels in here (or anything foreign) we do not get the refund. If you are unsure what you can put in there, see the side of the can/bottle or the top of the lid.

For the time being the yellow lid bin will remain, in which you can put other recycling (e.g. cardboard, wine bottles). If we find this bin is no longer needed, we will just keep the red lid and blue lid bins. Until further notice, this should be left out weekly with the red lid bin.