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79 Bay St
Double Bay, NSW, 2028

The finest Laser sailing club in the world, located in Double Bay on Sydney Harbour.


Lawn Resurfacing

Andrew Cox

The lawn in our rigging area (and the whole of the foreshore area of the park) will be completely resurfaced in the coming weeks, with irrigation also to be installed.  The works will commence on 29 April and will take 3 weeks to complete, with a further 4 weeks for the new turf to establish itself – 7 weeks in total.

This is an exciting development that will have a very positive impact on our amenity.  We need to curtail our access to the park during this period to allow the works to progress unimpeded and the new turf to take root. It is particularly important that we do not stress the new turf while it is establishing itself.

We have agreed with council and the contractor that, to the extent possible, there will be a narrow access corridor available from the concrete semi-circle outside our roller door to the concrete semi-circle above the eastern boat ramp.  Boats must be rigged on either of the concrete semi-circles or the beach, NOT on the lawn area.  When wheeling boats through the access corridor, please be mindful of minimising impact, particularly once the turf has been laid.

The corridor is likely to be moved from time to time to spread the impact.  For some periods, the corridor may be closed.  If that is the case, access to the water is possible via the eastern pathway that leads behind the boat racks to the Double Bay Wharf, and from there onto the beach to the east of the 18 Footers, where launch can occur.

We appreciate your assistance in respecting these requirements and ensuring we all get to enjoy a rejuvenated landscape going forward.