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Help Clean Up Our Beach

Jonathan Stone

Every year for the last - I am not sure how many - years now, DBSC has been a Clean-Up Australia day site. We clean up our own site and the parks and beaches nearby.

It’s a contribution to the community; and it is part of looking after ourselves. So - I write for you help -  again. The day is Sunday March 4. And on that morning there will be two clean-up periods:

A dawn patrol - at 0630-0700h. Low tide that day will be at 0443h. But you can’t clean up if you can’t see anything. Sunrise will be at 0644h; there will be sufficient light at 0630h to start to clean up the parts of the beach bared at low tide. Obviously, the tide will have come in some but this is the best we can do.

So - I need half-a-dozen volunteers, or a few more, to focus on the beaches to the east and west of us, clearing the low-tide areas. It’s about half an hour’s work for a team, no more. It will get your Sunday off to a great start; half and hour and you are done by 7.00am.

A morning patrol - at 9.00am - 12 noon. More civilised hours - to be successful the project need as many of you as can come to spend even 15 minutes clearing the upper parts of the beaches, the rigging area and the park beyond.


It happens every year - the 18-footer worlds (the JJ GIltinan Championship) will be on that day. There will be 18-footers in the rigging area. We will clean around them.

DBSC big boat sailors: our March race is on that day. It is still daylight saving, so our start will be at 2.00pm. So not really a clash. Come a bit earlier and help with the clean-up! Put it in your diary.

Please come and help - it is an important community service by the Club.

Thank you,

Jonathan Stone