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79 Bay St
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The finest Laser sailing club in the world, located in Double Bay on Sydney Harbour.


Club Policies

Andrew Cox

This article covers four important policies:  results, insurance, dollies and sign on/off.  Please read this article carefully.


This is a recap on last week’s article.  Please remember to speak to the handicapper before racing this week to make sure your sail number is correctly recorded in the system.  And, if you want to receive results, please make sure your sail is correctly numbered – six numbers that uniquely match your hull or at least do not duplicate any other number in our fleet.


It is a condition of participation in sailing at DBSC that you hold and maintain third party liability insurance in respect of your boat.  We also recommend you include comprehensive insurance, to cover your own boat.  Note, this insurance does not cover injuries to you, which you will need to cover separately through your health insurance and life insurance policies.

This insurance is available very cost-effectively from Nautilus Marine – see the link on our website here or go direct to Nautilus here.  Basic third party liability insurance is $110 per annum.  If you want to include comprehensive insurance for your own boat up to $10,000, the cost is $270.

If you do not have current insurance, you MUST purchase insurance before any further participation in DBSC events.  This takes 5 minutes to do online.


We have a problem with club dollies “walking out the door”, and it is costing us a lot of money each year.  In order to address this, we are instituting a dolly policy immediately as follows. 

We encourage members NOT to bring their dollies for storage in the club.  If you insist on doing so, you must provide with photos of your dolly, showing how it is clearly and uniquely marked.  There is NO ENTITLEMENT to a dolly upon leaving the club, unless you have followed this documentation procedure and unless the dolly you take matches that documentation.  The decision of the Management Committee will be final in this regard. 

Whether or not you follow the documentation procedure, storage of your dolly is at your own risk and the club takes no responsibility for members’ dollies that are damaged, lost or stolen.  Based on long experience, there is a high probability that your dolly will no longer be at the club and/or uniquely identifiable after a few years, so you should assume that if you store a dolly at the club you are donating it to the club and you WILL NOT GET A DOLLY BACK IF YOU LEAVE. 

Going forward, we are maintaining an inventory record of uniquely numbered DBSC dollies and we will undertake regular dolly counts and stock takes.  If a dolly is found to be missing, we will be reviewing CCTV footage to determine the cause.  Please respect the club’s property and your fellow members by not taking club dollies.