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79 Bay St
Double Bay, NSW, 2028

The finest Laser sailing club in the world, located in Double Bay on Sydney Harbour.


Survey Instalment 3

Kirk Marcolina

This week’s survey instalment covers the topics of training, rack positions and rigging.  Next week, we will cover youth, social and volunteering.
(a)    Training
·         More training opportunities – Brett Beyer programs and twilight seminars
·         More coaching from “elite” sailors – “buddy” system to be implemented (details to come)
·         Peer mentoring for LTR transition – “buddy” system again
·         Morning mini-races for less experienced – club is open to this if someone volunteers
(b)   Rack positions
·         Rack allocation understanding – objective model already in operation (details to come)
·         Better rack positions – if you don’t think it’s fair, ask and we will explain
·         Boat hoist system – this is being investigated (difficult and no guarantees)
·         Temporary rack swaps (holidays / winter) – informal program exists (we will publicize)
(c)    Rigging
·         Lawn resurfacing – concrete works done, lawn now deferred until after sailing season
·         Second boat ramp repair – negotiations ongoing with RMS and WMC
·         Improved speed of rigging / de-rigging – new hoses and “buddy” system
·         Spare parts shop – this is being implemented (details to come)
·         Boat repair clinic – this will occur (details to come)
·         Boat protection on club dollies – this has been done
·         Improved security for personal dollies – recommendation is not to store personal dollies
·         Parking at DBSC Primary School – this is too hard (liability / indemnity / access issues)