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79 Bay St
Double Bay, NSW, 2028

The finest Laser sailing club in the world, located in Double Bay on Sydney Harbour.


Major Club Repairs

Luke Parker

As previously advised, soon you'll notice some repairs being undertaken underneath the clubhouse.


The structure is 60 years old and we've had a survey undertaken of the water level structures.  As you'd expect, some of the piling is beyond salvage, and we've opted for replacement of 5 piles as a matter of urgency.  This involves cutting the pile away between the club floor and seabed levels and inserting a new pile.  The old pile below sand level is retained and used.  It will cost close to $60,000 for establishment, replacement of 5 piles and replacing some  headstock bolts (so the club doesn't float away at high tide). There's no impact on our use of the club while the work is undertaken.

This is a massive hit on our reserves, but that's why we have reserves.  Without a clubhouse, our club is in strife.  Further, we need to budget that this program will continue every second year for about 10 years as all the piles are renewed. 

We have a few strategies to fund the work:

  • We're going to have to increase annual subs.  We haven't increased fees for 6 or more years, but the golden streak is about to be over. Members with boats in the club will pay $100 extra per year.  Other sailors should budget $50, and non sailing members $50.  In addition we are hoping members will consider making a $100 tax deductible donation to the DBSC program developed in partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation.
  • We're hoping some members might enjoy taking advantage of a bigger tax deduction. 
  • in addition to paying higher subs, this year we're really going to need them paid promptly when the bill comes in April