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79 Bay St
Double Bay, NSW, 2028

The finest Laser sailing club in the world, located in Double Bay on Sydney Harbour.


Survey Instalment 4

Andrew Cox

This is the last survey instalment, covering the topic of property.  

Thank you all again for participating in the survey – we hope you have seen all your comments listed in the last few newsletters.  If anyone has any responses to our responses or any further suggestions, please talk to one of the committee members in person.  We are keen to hear your views and to implement whatever ideas we can.


  • Ongoing structural maintenance – forward planning for piles project is in place
  • Bigger hot water system – this is under investigation (to be confirmed)
  • Lockers / pidgeon holes for gear – this is not on the current agenda
  • No gear on the floor in the boat rack area – please be courteous and do not leave gear on floor
  • System to keep change room floor less wet – suggestions are welcome
  • Work bench – on the future capex list (not imminent)
  • A/V system – on the future capex list (not imminent)
  • Outdoor lounge suite / bean bags – on the future capex list (not imminent)
  • Better modern lighting in the formal part of the club – this is not on the current agenda
  • Keep club as is, its feel is perfect – this is the plan
  • Don’t spend more – fees are already high – there is no current intention to increase fees further
  • Respect for club equipment – please let people know if you see disrespect of club equipment
  • Replace the Paul Adam RIB – this is not on the current agenda (it is in good order and fit for purpose)
  • Re-key to improve security – this occurs from time to time (but is not planned this year)