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79 Bay St
Double Bay, NSW, 2028

The finest Laser sailing club in the world, located in Double Bay on Sydney Harbour.


Yoof bring glorious benefits to DBSC, again!


Despite post-truth commentary that Adelaide is the crime capital of Australia, the 2017 Youth Championships were held there.  DBSC Yoof, and parents, braved the angst-ridden city to feature prominently, AGAIN, on the podium.

Speaking from Davos, Dear Leader told the journalists:

"It was a fabulous result and shows the importance of competing every week in a large and competitive club fleet.  An extra big congratulations to Grasshopper 3.0 and Smiley.  While some clubs may have more Yoof Radial and Sprog sailors, we have more active competitors.  It is such a magnificent achievement I plan to leave Davos early to welcome back our glorious DBSC Yoof.  I can catch up with Comrade Xi another time, and am sick of excuses why the regulars here missed the formation of the new nation-state of Trumpistan."

Results here:

Congrats goes to -

Sprog (previously known as 4.7)  Fleet - 45 boats in total

1st - Jack Littlechild
8th - Boston Cortis
9th - Will Cooley
18th - Daniel Costandi
20th - Mark Louis
27th - Brooke Wilson
33rd - Silvie Stannage
37th - Will McMillan

Laser Radial fleet - 47 boats in total
 10th - Marlena Berzins - 1st Girl
34th - Henry Davison