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79 Bay St
Double Bay, NSW, 2028

The finest Laser sailing club in the world, located in Double Bay on Sydney Harbour.


No increase!


For at least the 7th year in a row, fees are staying the same: NO INCREASE!!!!!

Given sailing is an expensive business, how?

  • We keep growing at 101 members, so we can amortise the costs over a larger number of members.
  • The Canteen Crew (Paul, Andrea, Shirley, Carolyn, Deb, et al) keeps on delivering income, particularly victualing the 18s on Sundays and during the JJ Giltinan Championship and the Sydney High boys on Saturday mornings.
  • Absolutely everything is done by volunteers (except, cleaning the toilets where we share the costs with the 18s). Imagine if we had to pay the +$100 per hour to get someone to do the stuff The Wise Master, Captain Kirk, Gerry, et al do for free to keep the Clubhouse and boats operational?
  • One very generous member pays for all the gasoline and distillate used in club boats!
  • We have never had to borrow money to fund capital expenditure.
  • Generous tax-deductible donations are regularly made by members who don't want to give money to government to waste.

Apart from asking everyone to pitch in with volunteering, the only thing we ask is that fees are paid promptly.  During May, June and July, we want to do the non-sailing work at the club, pay bills, etc, so we can have everything ready for the sailing season and members can focus on their sailing and not admin and repairs.

Our financial year ends on 30 April, so fees are due on 1 May.  Invoices will be sent out during March.  However, feel free to pay the same as last year to the same account (MAKE SURE YOU PUT YOUR NAME ON THE  EFT TRANSFER).

PS: For the 2016/17 season, if you, or your loved ones, or least hostile acquaintances could help the Canteen Crew, it would be most appreciated.  Even if it is only one 2-hour lunch shift on a Sunday (making toasties and Gatorades), it would be a terrific contribution.  Contact Paul on if you can help.

PPS: Volunteers did clean toilets at the club for the first 55 years, so if someone feels strongly they want to start volunteering for that task, you will automatically get the Clubman of the Year and/or Life Membership.