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79 Bay St
Double Bay, NSW, 2028

The finest Laser sailing club in the world, located in Double Bay on Sydney Harbour.




For the first time in recorded history, a windward/leeward course was set with a starboard rounding. Your Commodore was flabbergasted, especially after he explicitly briefed the team that the course was set with a traditional port rounding 

Commenting on global dislocations, Dear Leader, elaborated:

"First, we have the leader-elect of the free world being a UPenn alumni.  Now, we are doing starboard rounding on simple up and back courses.  No wonder so many kiddies are giving up and getting tattoos and watching reality television four hours a day."

Our award winning film-maker, Kirk Scorsese, clarified Dear Leader's comments,

"He isn't a proper UPenn alum, as he transferred from Fordham in his junior year after his dad made a donation.....he probably thinks PBK is a strip club."

In any event, a starboard course and premature start meaning several DBSC guns were not even at the line were not enough to deter our Sailors. We did good. Scores DBSC 32, VYC 64.  Low score is better.  Return leg is on in March. 

Another highlight was the après sailing feast turned on by Paul and his delegate kitchen General, Andrea and the kitchen crew. BBQ salmon, steak, mushrooms and veggies, salads, breads and bottled beer made for a great meal. Our effort to win the celebrated plate could not be faulted.  Thanks to all.