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79 Bay St
Double Bay, NSW, 2028

The finest Laser sailing club in the world, located in Double Bay on Sydney Harbour.


Magnificent Seven and a special guest.


Freddy, the fur seal, keeping an eye on Super Saturday Sprints from Clarke Island.

Who are the Magnificent Seven?  This Saturday they were the seven non-sailing volunteers.  The Canteen Crew of Paul, Andrea and Shirley kept the DBSCers fed.  The Wise Master continued to tinker in Centre of Engineering Excellence and other parts of the club to ensure everything worked.  Finally, three regular sailors provided on-water requirements on the two rigid-inflatable boats (RIBs) and enjoyed a wildlife sighting on Clarke island. 

Thirteen sailors enjoyed brisk breezes, albeit quite cool ones, for 5 mini sprints.  The rest of the club donned the blue and red flannelette plaid shirts and ugg boats to participate in the Coastie's championships.