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Woody AM

Luke Parker

We are going ballistic!

We are going ballistic!

In addition to da Dr G being awarded Australia's highest award last week, another long-standing DBSC member and benefactor bagged an award.  

Woody (aka John Winning) was made a Member (AM) in the General Division of the Order of Australia for ‘significant services to the community’.

Woody had a big 24 hours ahead of Australia Day.  On the 25th, he won the Historical 18 Foot Skiff Australian Championship for a third successive year, which he celebrated at his daughter’s engagement party.  Woody then received news of the gong.

Woody is well known at and very generous to DBSC. That alone should be enough to qualify for an AM.  However the official citation references his contribution to sailing and equestrian causes: WTF??  Anyone crazy enough to fund both these hobbies probably should be disqualified from being decorated. However the factor that deservedly got Woody over the line is his generosity to various charities. 

Malcolm paid special tribute to Woody when he dropped by the Lodge to collect the gong:

"Lucy and I first met Woody the week after we married when he delivered a new Westinghouse to our gaff; he lugged it up the four flights of stairs himself, plugged it in, filled the ice trays, loaded the fridge with our groceries and wished us well before he went on to make another 14 deliveries that afternoon. We knew he was special.  We subsequently found out that Woody had time for his whitegood and equestrian activities because he is the only 18s sailor who can rig his boat in less than an hour, while the average rigging time is a little over 6 hours and 14 minutes.

Obviously Lucy didn't think twice about who to call for the whitegoods now the Lodge has been renovated.  The fact that Woody is making both a delivery and a collection today is a testament to his enduring efficiency."

The only disappointment in the whole deal is that under a previous Prime Minister, Woody was rated with the highest chance in Australia of being knighted Sir Woody by CenterBet, Bet365, William Hill, et al. In any event, congratulations Woody AM.  

To make it an even bigger week, Woody AM skippered Yandoo to a commanding victory in heat 5 of the Australian Titles on Sunday 31st.