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Canteen Crew callout....disappointment


Within minutes of last week's callout for Canteen Crew volunteers, Lucy was on the telephone offering to help every Sunday when the 18s race.

However, today a teary and disappointed Lucy called:

"I'm so very sorry, things have suddenly changed for Malcolm and me.  Circumstance mean that we have to downsize our home.  We also have to find new places to shop - on the other side of the bridge - not sure which lane to take.  Malcolm's commute has got longer.

The family is supportive that we are still going to continue our "volunteer" work (let's face it we do the community service to help people, and not for the money), but really can't take on more volunteering work, even at DBSC".

Dear Leader, commiserated:

"DBSC understands that the needs for Australian manufacturing and services industries are much more urgent than ours, so we wish Malcolm, and Lucy, the best of luck.

Being a former northshore resident, I can give them a rundown of which Aldi has the most convenient parking.  Not sure what they are going to do with their toy dog, as Labradors or Golden Retrievers are the only breed authorised north of Pinchgut Island".

(Also, an old fashioned public-private-partnership for a DBSC car park under Steyne Park wouldn't go astray.)"

If you are available to help with the volunteer needs of the canteen, please let any of the regulars in the canteen know next time you are at the club.

PS: Your club fees are heavily subsidised by the income the club earns from the canteen, particularly, 18s shifts on Sunday and during the JJ Giltinan International Trophy.  Whilst some might not worry about paying higher fees, we all benefit from lower fees because it keeps our fleet size large and makes for better racing!