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79 Bay St
Double Bay, NSW, 2028

The finest Laser sailing club in the world, located in Double Bay on Sydney Harbour.


Kingston wrap up


With a number of DBSC members attending the 2015 Laser World Masters' ("LWM") Championships, we thought you may want to peruse the results: click here.  or here for some good photos and an article.  Spoiler:  Congratulations to Mark Bethwaite, Rob Lowndes and Brett Beyer

However, our IT supporters, Sergey and Larry, have been kind enough to do a search of all the Chinese websites to find regatta postings and did the translations: enjoy the Chinese perspective.

Day 7 and wrap up

Dear Leader beat a yapie on count back in the Great Grand Master standards to grab 1st - this continues one of the many well known, and friendly, antipodean rivalries .

Wawny had a credible 8th in the same group.

DBSC member's favourite uber coach, Brett Beyer, was unchallenged in the standard age, standard rig. Rob Lowndes from Middle Harbour saluted the judges in GGM radials.

Honorary member, Zoolander, delivered a 2nd in the apprentice radial class.

亲爱的领袖击败指望回到了大太爷标准抢到1日yapie - 这样下去的许多著名的,友好的,竞争的Antipodean之一。




Day 6

"After a lay day yesterday.   Dear Leader "won" two, second in one then had a win taken off him for a premature start.  Two points in it. Spectators rioted, while mumblings of "Indian bookmakers" were heard deep into the night.

经过一个外行昨天一天。亲爱的领袖”,荣获“二,第二次在一个然后有一个双赢带下他过早的开始。两点吧。观众骚乱,而mumblings ”印度庄家“ ,听到到深夜。


Day 4

"Gusty, shifty N breeze off the land today which made for something of a crapshoot in both races, but DBSC's Dear Leader finished 2nd and ahead of the main challenger from RSA in both races, so now 4 points ahead on the leaderboard."

Speaking on behalf of the Antipodean competitors, Wawny clarified the relatively poor number of entries: "We don't do lakes."

代表的競爭對手的Antipodean , Wawny澄清的條目比較差一些: “我們不這樣做的湖泊。 

Day 3 later

"Grasshopper 2.0 cried when he heard about the OCS."

"Protestors storm the clubhouse with umbrellas as the most shocking news to come out of this year's LMW is that golf on the lay day (tomorrow Wed) cancelled as we missed two races on Monday."

Day 3

Apologies for radio silence but no races yesterday (Mon) as no wind.  Three today. Our Dearest Paramount Leader (ed: must be a translation error) climbed to top of leaderboard after one discard in the main event (GGM Standard) with three wins and a third, but they are tough close races.  Alan Keen RSA second with 1, 2, 2, 3. Bob Blakey NZL third on 2, 1, 2, 3. Both have better discards than DPL after his first race OCS."

道歉無線電靜默,但沒有站比賽昨日( MON )由於沒有風。今天三場。我們最親愛的最高領導人( ED :必須是一個翻譯錯誤)攀升至TOP的排行榜經過一年丟棄的主要事件( GGM標準)以三勝和第三,但他們是艱難的CLOSE比賽。 1 , 2 , 2 , 3, BOB布拉奇NZL三在2 , 1 , 2 , 3,雙方都有更好丟棄THAN DPL他的第一種族OCS後“阿蘭KEEN RSA第二