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79 Bay St
Double Bay, NSW, 2028

The finest Laser sailing club in the world, located in Double Bay on Sydney Harbour.


Better communications


Three general announcements:

  • we are trialling Doodle over the winter to coordinate impromptu sailing and other events.
  • on Sunday, May 17 from 11am, the clubhouse will be used for the function, so please avoid using the clubhouse
  • please RSVP for the AGM at:

Now for an issue that comes up regularly this time of the year, and we can use as bonding opportunity.

In winter a number of newer members want to sail but have problems moving boats from their upper east side and upper west side penthouses.  Historically, they have approached  committee people to try to arrange a temporary re-shuffle but with every rack filled at the end of last season, it is a logistical nightmare.

In order to build some cohesion amongst the newer and the older members by encouraging communications: directly, and not through the Secretary or Commodore (who know the new members), new members should feel free to approach directly lower racked members for a temporary re-shuffle.  Most older members are more than happy to oblige when approached directly - and they get to meet/talk to a new members! Dear Leader does this most years when he vacates the ground floor while he is vacationing in the Hamptons, or St Tropez or Monaco.

Having a look at boats covered in dust and our noticeboard is the best starting point for newer members, but I would be happy to provide phone numbers/emails to facilitate any of the communications.  If you don't mind your boat being temporarily raised, please put a notice on the noticeboard too.

PS:  About 5 boats have already been temporarily moved so pay close attention to the rack plan on the noticeboard and what is in the racks.

PPS: Temporary re-shuffles need the agreement of the all members involved and boats should not just be slotted arbitrarily in "vacant" spots.

PPPS:  Permanent re-shuffles remain at the absolute discretion of the Commodore who will speak to the members who are moving up.