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79 Bay St
Double Bay, NSW, 2028

The finest Laser sailing club in the world, located in Double Bay on Sydney Harbour.


Big Boat Race Report


Five boats presented on a classic Sydney summer afternoon.

Blue Moon     Northshore 38
Corinna -     Endeavour 24
Chenonceau    Beneteau Oceanis 31
Pleasure II    classic timber yacht
Time & Tide    Hood 23

It was sunny, with a 10 knot nor-easter, the Harbour remarkably empty, until the 18-footers’ start.

We all crossed the line close-hauled on a port tack. Blue Moon showed height and speed to reach the Point Piper mark well ahead. She maintained that lead around the course, and finished comfortably ahead, without flying a kite.

The first of the small boats around the first mark was Time & Tide,  just a length or two ahead of  Corinna, then Pleasure II and Chenonceau.

Time & Tide held her place on a very shy reach to the Taylor’s Bay mark and tacked there for the eastern side of the Harbour. The leg to the Sow’n Pigs mark was a work and Corinna, pointing characteristically higher, found her way past and led the small boats to the top of the course. Though Corinna was a minute ahead, Time & Tide goes well under spinnaker and we still had some hope; but our spinnaker set was anything but smooth and, by the time we had it sorted, all we could do was enjoy the afternoon. For the record, our kite went up and stayed up; just not quickly.

We gybed at Shark Island and pointed for the finish; but there was still some sailing to be done. The wind kept veering east and for a while we were sailing by the lee, wondering if the veer was sufficiently sustained to warrant another gybe.

Pleasure II sailed fast, to stay in touch without a kite. And kite troubles on Chenonceau spoiled an otherwise matchless afternoon.

Across the line:
Blue Moon
Time & Tide
Pleasure II

We sail again on January 3