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79 Bay St
Double Bay, NSW, 2028

The finest Laser sailing club in the world, located in Double Bay on Sydney Harbour.


Centre of Engineering Excellence


Many have asked why the Emeritus Director of DBSC's Centre of Engineering Excellence, The Wise Master, has progressively become less mobile and not had his hip fixed.

The mystery was solved by Grasshopper 2.0:

"I went to the club for one of my usual mid-week training sails last week, and needed a tool from the Centre of Engineering Excellence, and was I surprised.  The place was pristine, and there was The Wise Master sitting on a stool holding a file and a funny shaped object in the vice.  I took a photo and later discovered that he was making his own hip replacement components by hand."

When challenged, Wise Master admitted:

"Yes, I could have had a hip replacement much earlier if I used one a commercial model, but I wanted to make sure it would function properly in all conditions, like everything at DBSC, so I wanted to do it myself.  It took a bit of research and work, but titanium and teflon can be worked by hand."

On behalf of all the members, we wish The Wise Master the best for the operation this Thursday.

Source: Grasshopper 2.0's hacked  Nokia 2110 with a bit of Photoshop. 

Source: Grasshopper 2.0's hacked  Nokia 2110 with a bit of Photoshop. 

Best wishes to Dear Leader, too!  He is going under the knife on the same day, and will be back with us on light duties (PRO/COTD duties and not sailing a radial) in a few weeks.