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79 Bay St
Double Bay, NSW, 2028

The finest Laser sailing club in the world, located in Double Bay on Sydney Harbour.


DBSC parents done good......


There is always the nature v. nature argument, but given the performance of our younger members at the NSW "Yoof" Championships, our DBSC parents have done good.  No wasted hours in-front of the X-Box, or hanging out with the "do nothing" crowd at shopping centres - just a well moderated dose of UV and the excitement of sailing organised by the parents.

The younger folk who brought glorious benefit to DBSC's global reputation were:

  • Grasshopper 2.0 (1st in radials)
  • Jack (2nd in the 4.7)
  • Blake (4th in the radials)
  • Marlena (4th in the girls' radial)

This bonza effort has drawn international attention to our club, with a flood of enquiries gushing through our new Google mail servers from the northern hemisphere, particularly from ex-pats.

Typical of the correspondence:

"Dear DBSC,

I'm an ex-pat who married a Dane.  He is a keen sailor, and now with four sprogs we need to stop procreating and start thinking about where the kiddies should grow up, and learn to sail.  He is from Copenhagen and I'm from Tassie, so in my view Sydney would be a reasonable compromise.  Would you have room for five boats?  A few will be Optimists, but the rest will be Lasers.


PS: Happy to help in the canteen on some Sundays when the 18s race."

Sorry, Mary, but we only do Lasers, and even though we are ALWAYS looking for Canteen Crew for Saturdays and Sundays.  Just wait a bit longer and Sydney property prices will fall and you all can sail from DBSC.

Note: the NSW Yoof detail can be seen from this commercial media report of the event. .

Racing at DBSC taught the coach everything he knows.