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79 Bay St
Double Bay, NSW, 2028

The finest Laser sailing club in the world, located in Double Bay on Sydney Harbour.


Desperately seeking Sunday helpers....


As you can see below, we need more Canteen Crew.

A good way for you, your loved ones, or your least hostile acquaintances to start helping is to do a short noon to 2.30pm Sunday shift.  Parking is not restricted on Sundays so it is convenient.

Please reach out to Paul ( ) if you can help any Sunday, or Saturday!


Message from the Canteen Crew Captain

Hi all
There are few occassions in the near future, when I am not available for canteen duty

Nov 7
This is championship and hence BBQ

I am at a conference at the Museum but will have done all the shopping for sandwiches and BBQ, and will be able to get down afterwards to help clear up, but it will need someone to help prepare the salads.  I will be able to let Sydney boys in about 7am when the first of them arrive.

Nov 14 and 15

I am in NZ that weekend

Saturday is sprints,  I will make sandwiches the night before , but it will need some one to dispense them ( this is the day after Wise Master's operation so Andrea will not be there)

 Sunday - 18s
 Will need canteen crew

Every Sunday has been very busy ( with plenty of cash across the counter) between 12 and about 2.15 has been bedlam, so instituting a roster for assistance ( even on days when Andrea and myself are present) would be much appreciated.

For Wednesday evening sailors it would be good if the fridge could be restocked, and the crisps bowl refilled for when the Sydney Boys are down on the next two days

Many thanks