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79 Bay St
Double Bay, NSW, 2028

The finest Laser sailing club in the world, located in Double Bay on Sydney Harbour.


Dear Leader denies rumours


Dear Leader called a press conference after rumours started to swirl through the corridors of the executive committees of the IOC, ISAF and the Wentworth Branch:

"As everyone knows I tried sailing a Radial for 45 minutes, and it just doesn't work for me, so rumours that I plan to take up sailing Radials the day Grasshopper (2.0) moves to the full rigs are just scurrilous.

Grasshopper and the other younger radial folk did well in the west (see the following report), but in the short-term I'm having so much fun fending of Marcus in the full rigs that I am not changing, despite the fact that some weeks I lose, and most weeks I can barely move on Saturday nights, Sundays and part of Mondays."


The Australian Youth Nationals were held out of Fremantle Sailing Club, in the shark infested waters off Perth. We were promised 20knt SW sea breezes with big waves but to  our surprise the majority of the conditions were moderate and shifty with huge holes in the course. Before starting the regatta I knew that there was going to be an added ‘winning factor’ the would decide this years champion.... Luck!

The conditions were quite different from the week before at Mandurah as there were much larger shifts and smaller, more technical waves. This caused for a style of racing which was different from the drag racing seen in the previous week. My adaptation to the conditions was tested as some races saw 60º shits with pressure ranging from 5-25 knts. Pretty challenging conditions which made racing like a game of snakes and ladders. 

I tried to keep my scorecard nice and low however, it was hard to avoid the few deep results. This was due to decision making and tactics. However, I was only one of two sailors to have all of their scores in the top 10. 

I wasn’t the only DBSC sailor competing at the two national events. Blake Selley and Marlena Berzins were also a strong contingent and flying the mighty Double Bay flag. Overall, in the Open Nationals in Mandurah, Blake finished 33rd in gold fleet and Marlena placed 9th in Silver Fleet . In the youth nationals Blake was 20th and Marlena was close behind in 28th and 3rd female.

After dodging flying fish, dolphins, seals and the odd stray quokka, I was able to navigate the waters of Perth. I am really happy with my performance over the last couple of weeks and have enjoyed representing Double Bay Sailing Club on the national stage. I was also stoked with my massive improvement from last year improving from a 25th youth to 4th overall.

"...mum, can I eat more so I can sail a full rig?"

"...mum, can I eat more so I can sail a full rig?"

"...with dad and Charlotte's wins, there may not be space in the pool room"

"...with dad and Charlotte's wins, there may not be space in the pool room"