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79 Bay St
Double Bay, NSW, 2028

The finest Laser sailing club in the world, located in Double Bay on Sydney Harbour.


Not an optional extra at DBSC....


Unlike in the US, when you buy a Laser sail in Australia sail numbers are optional extras.

Lately, we have members not sign-on for a race, and then complain that their result was not recorded.  After a time consuming forensic analysis, it has been found that the boats have been replaced and the sail numbers changed from the pre-printed sign-on forms without any advice to the Handicapper ( ) and some haven't been signing on.  Fortunately for those members, the Handicapper is a nice guy and had the time to adjust the results this week. Daryl's good Karma was rewarded when he won a spanking new boat last week, but we don't want to push limits of his decency.  

Let's each do our bit to make the process simple at DBSC:

  1. sail numbers are compulsory. You don't need AUS I n the sail, but you do need a number.
  2. the sail number on the boat must match the sail number on the sign-on sheet.
  3. you must sign on

In golf (yes, it is an uncivilised walk), not signing a card or an incorrect card will lead to disqualification.  At DBSC, the same offence, if not punished by a DNS, will lead to more work by the volunteer Handicapper in recalculating the results during the week.  It could also affect those who have been advised of their podium places too, and have already bought the Bolly.

Please use the same sail number all season, check it is on the pre-printed list, then if by chance you forget to sign-on (which we have all done, except for Dear Leader), you will probably still be scored with no additional work by the Handicapper.

Please make an effort to get organised so the volunteer workload is minimised.