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79 Bay St
Double Bay, NSW, 2028

The finest Laser sailing club in the world, located in Double Bay on Sydney Harbour.


2014/15 NSW State Championships at Belmont


The results of the State Championships have re-ignited the debate on "nature versus nurture."

The nature argument is reinforced by Ian's strong affinity with radial sailing (demonstrated by his recent performance in  the Rolex Vaucluse Challenge), while the nurture proponents points to Clare's stalking using "Find My Friends", and the careful scheduling of training, meals and studying commitments.

Dear Leader has weighed into the controversy, enlightening us with:

"Clearly, you need to have the correct DNA to be able to do the basics in sailing, and then you need parents who can instil the logistical and administrative skills to ensure the preparation is complete.  Unless you have both, you will not be the next Grasshopper who might be able to snatch the pebbles from me." 

A number of other DBSCers also flew the flag strongly.  Notable highlights include:

  • as usual, Blackie ran a Learn to Race session just before each day's racing, and just made the starting sequence;
  • Wawny ventured over the Harbour Bridge; and,
  • Penguin averaged less than one collision per race.

DBSCers represented more than 10% of the total combined fleets (despite the mis-recorded affiliations on the results sheets).

One thing missing was the absence of a DBSC victory song sung to the music of Working Class Man.  Please review this example of what can be done with the tune, and revert with lyrics for a club song to be performed at the Christmas Party

Bonza effort.