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79 Bay St
Double Bay, NSW, 2028

The finest Laser sailing club in the world, located in Double Bay on Sydney Harbour.


A Slow End to the 2019 Club Champs

Andrew Cox

It was a very difficult day for the final Club Championship races for the season.  A very light, temperamental south easterly breeze was there for the start and fluctuated between almost calm and maybe the occasional 8kt gust.  It also shifted horribly, even moving almost to the northeast at the end of the second race.  It was a day that separated the good from the lucky (or in this case unlucky).  As usual, the best sailors seemed to find a way to do well regardless of the conditions.  For the rest of us, it was downright confusing!  Brett Beyer summed it up at the debrief with three simple words: "DON'T GO RIGHT".  And the GPS tracks of BBSP participants showed it all.  Ugly!

The Club Championships were set with a tightly contested field in both fleets -- the winners will be announced at the AGP, so hold your breath and watch this space.  Thanks to PRO, Jonathan Stone, assisted by Clare Alexander, for managing a difficult day of course setting!  And thanks to the rest of the on-water team of Mark Crowhurst, Justin Davey, David Devlin, and several visitors!

Photo by Clare Alexander

Photo by Clare Alexander

DBSC no Longer the Best Laser Club in the World

Kirk Marcolina

We’re now the best ILCA Dinghy Club in the Word. That’s because the name Laser has been officially changed to the ILCA Dinghy. The change is happening because of a dispute between the International Laser Class Association and the Laser trade mark holder, UK based Laser Performance Europe. Boats, sails and other equipment will all be rebranded going forward but all existing equipment remains class legal. You can read the official ILCA press release about the name change HERE. And read more about the dispute and ramifications from an Aussie perspective HERE.

The new logo.

The new logo.

Separately, the World Sailing Olympic selection decision regarding the future of Lasers (or now the ILCA Dinghy) competing in the Olympics is expected in mid-May – watch this space!

Upcoming Events

Kirk Marcolina

Sunday 5 May, 8:30am start – Winter Series Commences

Sunday 5 May, 1pm start – Big Boat Racing followed by BBQ at club

Sunday 19 May, 8:30am start – Winter Series Heats 4-6

Friday 24 May, 7pm –DBSC’s Annual General Meeting and end of season dinner at the clubhouse

Rack reshuffle


A rack re-shuffle is occurring on Saturday.  For those who will not be there, can you please ensure all spars and other equipment are labelled in advance. We will use every effort to avoid misplacing items during the reshuffle, but individuals are responsible for ensuring items are clearly labelled to allow retrieval in the event of misplacement.

Annual fees now due

Kirk Marcolina

Annual fees are required to be paid by the end of April 2019. You would have received an email from Clare the secretary a few weeks ago. Please search your inbox for “DBSC Invoice” and pay up! Not paying your fees on time, incurs extra work and mental load on your fellow club volunteers to eventually chase you up. So please lock in your spot for the 2019/2020 season by paying up today.

Most of our expenses occur during the winter months, when our maintenance program is in full swing, so we need everyone to pay up on time. Thanks to the 46% of members who have already done so. The other 54% of you, please hop online and pay your dues today.

Winter is coming... SE02EP1


So far we’ve have had 27 people sign up for the Winter Championship.  The series will begin on Sunday 5 May and run every second Sunday morning from May through July. Splash is at 8 for an 8.30 start. 

Sign-up and race to ensure you aren’t left out in the cold!

In addition to the Championship races Brett Beyer will also be running a winter program (BBWP) that includes on-water coaching during the races and fleet level GPS analysis with individual statistics. Eleven members have signed up for the BBWP which means the program will definitely take place.  If you are interested in the program, please sign up here.


Learn to run a race


You know what can be more stressful than sailing a laser in a 20 knot Westerly ? Running a race for 50 sailors in a calm 8 knot north easterly when you have no idea what you are doing.

We are calling for volunteers who are willing to commit to learning how to run a race.  We are offering an opportunity for two people to run the winter championship races each fortnight, under supervision from an experienced race officer. This is a great opportunity to gain confidence and skills in running a race in a non-stressful situation.

There are three races each fortnight, every second Sunday morning at 8.30am, starting 5 May.  Trainee race officers should be at the club at 7.30am to set the course and get in position for starts at 8.30.  You will be home, with much improved skills, by 11 (after free hot soup and bread from the canteen).  If you are interested in this opportunity, please email

By taking part in learning to run a race, you are ensuring your next PRO/CoTD roster will involve a lot less stress for yourself, and a far better race day for the fleet.

Club clean out


There is an enormous pile of lost / unwanted / unloved clothing in the men’s change room – hanging up on the wall hooks, strewn across the benches, and half in and half out of plastic crates.  If this is your gear, please collect it.  We will be reminding people each week between now and the AGP – anything left in the changerooms after the AGP, whether hanging up or not, will be donated to charity via one of the neighbourhood “friendly bins”.