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79 Bay St
Double Bay, NSW, 2028

The finest Laser sailing club in the world, located in Double Bay on Sydney Harbour.


America's Cup

Luke Parker

For those with Foxtel, the cup is on at about 6am each morning. Sure it's a sport for a few very rich blokes, but racing at over 40  knots is spectacular. Worth waking up for.  

Big Boats to Race Sunday

Kirk Marcolina

The next big boat race - the first of the three winter races - will be held this Sunday June 4. The race will retain the regular format - a 1.00pm start, same marks, VHF 72

Please let Jonathan Stone ( know if you'll be coming. Jonathan would love to see you out on the water. As he says, "These winter afternoons can be delightful sailing!"

Big Boats Sail at a Recent DBSC Race

Big Boats Sail at a Recent DBSC Race

Why have a meeting this Friday if democracy is flawed?

Red October

To maintain our tax-exempt status, and allow you to make tax-deductible donations, we have to organise an annual general meeting, so our 61st People's Congress is scheduled for this Friday night at 7pm.

Some might ask that because democracy, as practised with the the "one-person, one vote"  method is flawed, should we even bother with attending and the pretence of voting?  The answer is yes, due to DBSC improvements made to the historical "all people are equal" model.

Put simply we are considering weighting different people's votes differently.  Here is the summary:

  • 100 votes for Dear Leader, The People's Prince and anyone else who has been Commodore for more than 4 years.
  • 100 votes for The Wise Master, with another bonus 150 votes if Madam Wise Master agrees.
  • 50 votes for Life Members
  • 1 vote for every toastie made by the Canteen Captain up to a limit of 1,000 votes.
  • 10 votes for each Sunday volunteered in the Canteen by the Canteen Crew .
  • 5 votes for anyone who has sweep the floor of the clubhouse or picked up other people's rubbish or done any other volunteering unprompted.
  • Pi votes (rounded to 3.142) for any STEM student or graduate.
  • 2 votes for any millennial without a tattoo.
  • 1 vote for any financial member.
  • 7 votes for 4.7 sailors, to be voted as a block, because they seem to do everything together 

As you can see from the fully researched vote weightings we have overcome the historical problems of past voter eligibility criteria (i.e. property ownership, having testes, or just being a human being).

Alternatively, come along on Friday and vote old school. One vote, per member, perhaps. 

There will be free beverage and food opportunities after the presentation and the short formal meeting.

Lost...have you found it?

Luke Parker

Did anyone find - aqua fleece and pair of sailing thermo socks have been found by someone either in the clubhouse or outside from 2 Saturdays ago?  It was lost during the YST training session by one of the youth DBSC members new to the club.

If so, please let Clare know at


Luke Parker

By now you should have received a "paperless post" invite from Madame Secretary for the AGM.  We do this to ensure there are adequate eats for the post formality feast, so please use the auto RSVP ASAP.

If you didn't receive a bait, don't despair, just reply to Clare at with name and numbers

Letter from a DBSC fan

Luke Parker

our newsletter travels far and wide, to members, other sailors, and a host of fans who like to read our rants and raves. The following are a few editted words from a cyber's an amazing world we live in.......

Thank you VERY much for your continued sending your emails to me.

I am a 79 yo sailing tragic and intend to (if possible ) to Live to 150 –just to ‘bugger the Gov’t up’ – if at all possible.

I was an Army sailor for 4 Syd—Hobarts –73,74 & 75

I was the then the senior watch-keeper on the Parmelia race (from Portsmouth, Uk- Capetown- to Fremantle (we only came 5th across the line)

I have also sailed almost the length of Bass Strait—back in’67 on my wee Red jacket (it was a 17’ 3” L.O.A. Trailer sailer –round Gabo Island clockwise and high-tailed it back to Portsea

i did a couple of tours of duty in Vietnam  as an interpreter and linguist

On my second tour I was tasked with showing folk how to sail a corsair; specifically it was my job to make any ‘wanna bees’ acceptable crews  -- great fun was had by all I assure you

My last decent race was in the Inaugural Sydney to Rio – round Cape Horn ( of course) again I was a watch-keeper. Sadly it was the ONLY race over this ‘distance—although it WAS THE INAUGURAL RACE IT WAS THE ONLY ONE SO FAR.

At this time I do not have a yacht of ANY shape or size anywhere near my home , but I do a ‘bit’ Of kayak racing  -- but that is fitness and strength AND a wee bit of genuine ‘skull-duggery’ and the distances are quite short  usually less than 30 K’s- - - - -  which suits me Poifectly! ! !! ! ! ! !

 Kind rgds to all and Go the new piles  -- glad I haven’t any at this time of my life


How to donate for the urgent work

Red October

Hadrien with a H (and hijab)

Hadrien with a H (and hijab)

While our sister club in Europe, Yacht Club de Monaco, is fully funded by the member's annual subscriptions, DBSC relies on members volunteering their labour, random (tax-deductible) donations and very modest annual subscriptions to fund its world-class Laser racing program and humber timber clubhouse. 

Each funding model has its own pros and cons, as expounded by dual-member, Hadrien with a H:

"Back home, it was so easy to pay a big annual fee and then just drive and park the 488GTB at the club, leave the blazer in the locker room while the paid crew gets the Farr40 prepped and then enjoy the attention of the Russian guest workers after the racing.  When I heard that DBSC was a sister club I expected the same.  How surprising that DBSC was not only different, but better.  The fees are lower, I discovered that I liked doing the volunteer stuff, and best of all I didn't have to wear the designer stuff.  I even got to wear a hijab in a non-judgmental, socially progressive environment."

The point is action is required if you still want to race Lasers in the world's biggest club fleet.

We have $50k in the bank and $50k of expenditure on the remedial works occurring in the next two months, so we need money to do all the other stuff (engine maintenance, anti-fouling committee boat, etc, etc)  over the winter-break necessary to ensure we have world-class Laser sailing from August 1.

To donate to the work to fix the piles of the website, the relevant part of the ASF website is:


Winter Laser Sprints

Luke Parker

The official (laser; see below) season is now done and dusted, but DBSCers are hardy souls needing regular sailing.  And we want to be in tip top form before we host the state titles in November.

Luckily, Winter provides regular morning westerlies that constantly delivers fantastic, traffic free sailing in the area north of Clarke island. Typically the breeze is strongest at dawn and dies off by about 9.30 (as the land warms up), so the early birds get the worms. Sure it's a little cool, but it's great sailing. The cooler it is, the better the westerly blows.

This year we're trying to organise regular informal sprint racing.

Plan is we get to club at 7am. Launch at 7.30.  First races from 8, or just before.  Return by 9.45, club locked up by 10.30.  Home to cook the loved one brunch.  The suggestion is that we run sprint races, we launch a RIB each week to set a course and provide rescue support.  We'll each take a turn in the RIB, and hopefully, we'll each only do a half shift (swap RIB for a laser).

We're juggling the desire of some to sail Saturdays and others who have kids sports on Saturday or who are looking for an excuse to drop church for a bit of spiritually enlightening wet hiking, so we have proposed a compromise schedule: 1st Saturday and 3rd Sunday of the month.

Peter Collie will manage a doodle account to give us a sense of who is showing up.  If you are interested in joining us, Please email him on as he will build a seperate email list to keep people in the loop.  He promises not to send the list to Nigerian scammers.

Final Big Boat Race of Season this Sunday

Luke Parker

apparently the big boaters are more committed than the laser sailors, and their season lasts longer.  They race this week.  Jonathon writes......


Dear fellow sailors

  We race again next Sunday. Seabreeze promises a light south-easterly and a sunny afternoon. It should be very pleasant.

  Our last race of the regular season

A 1.00pm start.

  Could you let me know who will be there …….?

  And remember, keep your radios on VHF 72. And turn them on!