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79 Bay St
Double Bay, NSW, 2028

The finest Laser sailing club in the world, located in Double Bay on Sydney Harbour.


Vale Keith Piggin

Andrew Cox

Double Bay Sailing Club farewells Keith Piggin, one of the great figures in the club’s history.

Keith was the son of one of the club’s founders, Ross Piggin, who contributed the first £10,000 to the club and whose shed at the end of Beach Street was used as the club’s initial boat storage facility.

Keith was one of the original “youngsters” who sailed Vaucluse Juniors with the club when it was formed in 1956.  He continued his membership into adulthood, and was President from 1986 to 1997.

Under his leadership, a strong financial base was built, new RIBs were purchased, marks and flags were upgraded, race management systems were modernised, working relationships with the Australian 18-footers League and Sydney High School were formed, and the clubhouse his father had built was maintained and improved.  Most importantly, Keith’s personal skills of friendship and fairness developed a congenial culture that inspired membership. 

The results were demonstrable.  The club became known for its quality racing and welcoming culture, and membership grew steadily, attracting members from around the harbour, and doubling the size of the Laser fleet.

Keith’s contribution provided a legacy that the club still enjoys to this day, attracting the largest laser fleets on Sydney Harbour each weekend, and characterised by a high standard of racing competition and an active and inclusive social community.

Keith was made a life member of the club in 1990.  He will be missed and not forgotten.

Keith’s funeral will be held at St Mark’s Darling Point at 12.30pm this Friday, 21 July, followed by a wake at Double Bay Sailing Club from 2pm. 

Many hands make light work

Andrew Cox

We had a very successful working bee on Saturday.  43 club members attended and contributed to an unbelievable hive of activity. All the boats were removed from the club and made quite a display on the lawn. 

One member, who had somehow escaped the mailing list, was driving past and noticed all the boats out.  He thought he was missing out on a regatta, so came for a look – and was promptly press-ganged into action!

Mark Bethwaite and Geoff Kirk led a crew of skilled craftsmen, who converted the SHS racks to laser racks.  We took the opportunity of an empty club to cut off all the old carpet on the eastern side and replace it with new, which was seamlessly executed by a swarm of cutters, wrappers and tapers, too many to name here, but all noticed individually for their extremely hard work and commitment.

Jim Dounis, Josh Kirton and Peter Collie drew the short straws – working under the clubhouse in freezing water, spraying fungus off the beams and floorboards with high-pressure gurneys, and ending up covered in what can only be described as “wood goo”.  The occasional jet came up through the floorboards, just to make sure the carpet team didn’t get too comfortable in their warm, dry environment. 


Andrew Simpson, John Verco, Ashley Deacon and Geoff Boscoe led the painting efforts.  The north wall now looks brand new.  And John Verco has generously donated even more time to come back during the week and finish the south wall!  One timber element had a large amount of rot to remove, and is now a fine example of the building trade’s best kept secret – “builders’ bog”.  Bet you can’t tell!

At one point, in a fine demonstration of modern OH&S, Andrew Simpson was working at one end of an aluminium plank, cantilevered out over the water, supported by nothing other than three able-bodied gents standing on the other end.  He assured us he had drawn upon his engineering expertise in calculating the moment of inertia in his head.  Fortunately, his three helpers had the presence of mind not to depart their stations a few minutes later when asked to help with something else.

Martin White and Simon Stone got the club lasers in ship shape, Gerry Donohoe did some work on the Jazzman, and Alistair Sutherland, Fergus Pitt and Richard George took a break from the carpet gang to remove a mountain of rubbish from the south deck, which has never before looked as tidy as it does now. 

Then everyone came together at the end to join the fray in returning all the boats to their newly allocated rack spots, and to pull the Dene Bergman out of the water for service, an event that was fittingly supervised by the other Dene Bergman, before Paul Adam and Andrea Bergman served a hearty lunch to the hungry workers, who wolfed it down while enjoying the balmy sunshine on the front deck. 


Clare and Charlotte Alexander captured the whole day on social media, including several live feeds.  Mark Crowhurst, who was on a plane to Singapore, texted to let us know the random person next to him, was taking an interest – note to self, don’t sit next to Mark on a plane!

Thank you again to everyone who participated in what was a very successful and productive day for the club.

Rack allocations

Andrew Cox

When you next arrive at the club, you are likely to find your boat in a different place.  This is as a result of our periodic rack re-allocation, made more significant this time by the availability of 15 brand new racks!

We assign racks based on a number of criteria, the most important of which are:

  • How often you sail – Saturday races, Wednesday twilights, self-sail / training, learn to race
  • How much you help – committee membership, other volunteering, significant recent past service

We will revisit rack allocations again around year end.

But in the meantime, we have 10 spare racks that we want to fill. 

If you have any friends, relatives, colleagues or strangers that would like to give it a go, we can get them into one of the club’s hire boats for either one-on-one starter training with an experienced coach or learn-to-race on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of every month, starting in September. 

Put out the word!

Lost Property - Sails

Kirk Marcolina

During the working bee several sails were found that we struggled to assign to a current member. Please email Martin White at if any of these sails belong to you:

Standard sails numbered:

  • 177081 – was around a tube marked ‘Jessica’ 
  • 177734
  • 193394

Radial sail numbered:

  • 181982

If the owners do not come forward the sails will be discarded as they are not needed. 

Please Help This Saturday

Kirk Marcolina

The winter working bee is on this Saturday, 15 July at 8am. Thanks to all those who have already committed to coming, but there are heaps of jobs and we still need more hands to help out. If you haven’t done so already, please email Andrew Cox ASAP at to confirm your attendance.

Also, remember that all boats and equipment will be moved out of the shed so it would be a good idea to label all your gear before then. We will try to keep property together, but will take no responsibility for missing items.  The best way to safeguard your gear is to come to the working bee!

Club Working Bee 15 July

Andrew Cox

We have scheduled our club working bee for 8.00am on Saturday, 15 July.

We need at least 30 people, so we would appreciate it if anyone who is in town could come.

It would be a good idea to label all your gear before then, because we will be moving all the boats and equipment out of the shed.  We will try to keep property together, but will take no responsibility for missing items.  The best way to safeguard your gear is to come to the working bee!

Could you please email Andrew Cox this week at to confirm your attendance.

The tasks are as follows:

  1. Fitting laser racks and dolly racks into the former SHS space – Geoff Kirk and Mark Bethwaite will lead, 4 others are required
  2. Preparing and painting north wall, updating signage and preparing and painting south wall – Andrew Simpson will lead, 4 others are required
  3. Plumbing removal of vent pipes from west wall and possible other works – Pat Levy will lead, 1 other is required
  4. Gurney gang to remove fungus from headstocks and clean ramp – Jim Dounis will lead, 3 others are required
  5. South deck clean up, including cutting up scrap – Craig Sheers will lead, 3 others are required
  6. General club clean out – remove all boats, reallocate racks, remove rubbish, sweep – Andrew Cox will lead, 3 others are required (plus all hands at first)
  7. Jazzman maintenance – Gerry Donohoe and Dene Bergman will do this
  8. Bergman trailering and removal from water for service – Pat Levy will lead, 7 others are required briefly

Thank you each for your commitment to this!

Youth Sail in QLD

Kirk Marcolina

Queensland Youth Week was proudly hosted by Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron with support from Australian Sailing from 30 June to 4 July.

There was not a lot of wind but glorious sunshine to bask in. There were 34 sailors in total and our DBSC Youth Sailors represented with some commendable results:

Laser 4.7 fleet:

  • 1st - Jack Littlechild
  • 2nd - Zac West
  • 6th - Brooke Wilson
  • 8th - Mark Louis
  • 11th - Sylvie Stannage
  • 14th - Daniel Costandi

Big Boat Race Report

Kirk Marcolina

Report from Jonathan Stone:

Six boats signalled their intention to race on a cool, sunny, cloudless afternoon.

The morning land-breeze - always a westerly - eased ahead of an expected sea-breeze; which never made a showing.

Five of us rigged and found our way to the start area; but on T&T we had to use our engine to avoid being late; as the breeze faded and faded.

But the gate start worked and we turned towards Point Piper looking for wind, inching eastwards. Graham’s new Farr 30 Calypso inched fastest, followed by T&TChenonceau, Liaison and Corinna, none of us doing more than half a knot.

As Calypso slid away, Chenonceau made a move, sliding over T&T into second place. It took well over half an hour for Calypso to complete the first leg of less than 1 nautical mile; as she headed out into the Harbour, to reach Taylor’s Bay the wind died entirely and Chenonceau was the only other boat to complete the leg.

In short - we cancelled at that point and headed for home, under power. T&T had an eventful time of it; as we prepared to throw a tow line to Corinna our crew lost his footing, caught by a sharp wake in the calmest conditions. He is fit and scrambled quickly back on board, and we implemented the tow in a seamanlike fashion.  For the record, he was wearing a life vest; but didn’t need even to inflate it. He was back in the cockpit without delay.

We all unrigged and sat on the deck in the afternoon sun. A lovely afternoon, but no good for sailing.

Order at cancellation:

  1. Calypso
  2. Chenonceau
  3. Liaison
  4. T&T
  5. Corinna

We race again on August 6

Farewell to SBHS

Andrew Cox

We are disappointed to announce SBHS has decided to move its sailing program from DBSC.

There are a number of reasons for this, one of the most significant being the difficulty encountered by some of the younger, less-experienced school sailors in manoeuvring boats in the relatively confined spaces between moored boats while also avoiding ferry traffic.

We would like to thank SBHS, and in particular its Principal, Kim Jaggar, for a long and supportive relationship. SBHS made significant contributions to the club over the years, both culturally and financially.

Our affiliation with SBHS was an important part of our cultural commitment to be part of the community and to offer services to a user-base wider than just our own membership.  We would welcome ideas as to how we can continue this commitment following the departure of SBHS. If you know of an organization that might be interested in partnering with DBSC for the conduct of its sailing activities, please let us know.

SBHS was very generous in its financial contributions to the club, including funds towards the purchase of our RIBs, funds via a government grant for our clubhouse expansion, and a six-year pre-payment of affiliation fees again to assist with our clubhouse expansion. In addition, the SBHS students who used the club were strong contributors to canteen revenue.

Thank you again to SBHS for being part of DBSC for so long.  We will miss you.


Working Bee Saturday 15 July

Kirk Marcolina

We’ll be meeting on Saturday morning, July 15th at 8am for our annual mid-winter working bee. To make it a success we need your help.

We’ll be doing a general clean out and some other works around the club including:

  • Repainting north facing wall of the club
  • Amending signage and repainting of the south facade
  • Fixing the light at entry 
  • Creating new laser racks from the SBHS racks (this is important to allow us to replace the boat storage revenue from SBHS)
  • Fixing broken dollies 
  • Gerni gunning algae off headstocks as per engineer’s report 
  • Pressure cleaning ramps (please bring a pressure cleaner with you if you have one)

We're a volunteer club and this is important, so we’d appreciate it if you could take a few hours to help on the 15th.