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79 Bay St
Double Bay, NSW, 2028

The finest Laser sailing club in the world, located in Double Bay on Sydney Harbour.


Stellar Sprints

Kirk Marcolina

Over thirty boats sailed in Sprint Racing last Saturday. It was a unique course set close to the mouth of Double Bay and in the shadow of the F50 Catamaran races. A moderate NE breeze and warm sunny skies set a beautiful backdrop to over two hours of sprints. Thanks to Mark Crowhurst, Richard George, and Diana Chen for running a great day on the water and to the Canteen Crew who were supported by Murray Stone this week. 

A Crowded Rounding . Photo by Diana Chen.

A Crowded Rounding. Photo by Diana Chen.

RIB Drivers Needed

Kirk Marcolina

As mentioned in last week’s newsletter, we need volunteers to assist to drive a response boat for the 18 Footers’ championship event, the JJ Giltinan.  There has been limited response and we need to provide this support to the A18s, who contribute a significant amount to the club financially. We are still in need of drivers from 1pm to 5pm on the following days: March 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 9 and 17. 

If you can assist, please let Mark Crowhurst ( know.

Clean Up Australia Day

Kirk Marcolina

Thanks to the leadership of Jonathan Stone, every year DBSC commits to Clean Up Australia Day by removing litter from the beaches around the club. This year Clean Up Australia Day is on Sunday, March 3, and DBSC will be cleaning the beaches from 11.00am to 2.00pm (during low tide). Please mark the date in your calendar and plan to attend to do your part. Jonathan will come set up and pack up after, but the big boat race will prohibit him from managing the event itself. So, we’re looking for a volunteer to help manage the day, from 12.30pm to 2.00pm. If you’re available and interested, please email Jonathan Stone at

Thriving Twilights

Kirk Marcolina

There were 18 boats last Wednesday for Twilight Sailing. It was a great evening on the water. The BBTP continues tonight so come on down for some close racing and training!

State Masters 10 Days Away

Kirk Marcolina

Our contingent of 20+ sailors is ready to head North next weekend for the State Masters in Lake Macquarie. If you’re one of them, please make sure you’ve officially registered for the event here.

Vaucluse Regatta Results

Kirk Marcolina

A computer glitch delayed the results of the Vaucluse Regatta, but after a reboot we have them now. Congrats to all the DBSC members who did our club proud. In the Full Rigs Ian Alexander won and Nick Pellow finished 3rd out of a fleet of 33 boats. In the Radials, Campbell Patton was first, Otto Henry was second, and Matthew Knight placed third out of 34 boats. 

Learn to Run a Race

Andrew Cox

Every year, we have a shortage of people we can roster on as PRO for our races.  We have now developed a “learn to run a race” program to address this.

This program, which follows on from our club-wide competency training, is intended to provide the practical experience needed to act as PRO for our main competition races (i.e. Club Championships, Point Scores and Winter Championships).  For those who have acted as a PRO before, it will be a refresher course; and for those who have not, it will be an opportunity to learn. 

The program will run in conjunction with Learn to Race, which is generally held on every first and third Saturday of the month from September to April.  We will initially be asking selected club members to “volunteer” to participate in this program, and be rostered on for training, where you will revise / learn how to run races by acting as PRO for the LTR races.  The aim over time is for every member to become qualified to act as PRO in our main competition races.

In addition to the training, those who are rostered on will also be asked to assist with rigging, de-rigging and packing away club boats – the LTR team needs help with this.  All participants in this program will still be able to sail in the afternoon racing.

Women Shower Thanks

Kirk Marcolina

You might have noticed that the women in our ranks have grown substantially over the last year. This is great news, but has caused a bit of a strain on the one shower that was previously in the women’s change room. But thanks to Pat Levy, Geoff Kirk, and Richard Bott a second shower has been created. The women are over the moon and deliriously happy with this development.  They report both showers are in regular use already, so thanks to all. 

Photo by Clare Alexander.

Photo by Clare Alexander.

Boats on Floor

Andrew Cox

Do you want the good news or the bad?  The good news is that the club has been at capacity all year and is now overflowing!  The bad news is that this means there are two boats that live on the floor for now.

One of those boats is our recently refurbished fifth club boat, and the other is a new member’s boat.

The plan is to monitor the situation between now and the end of the season, waiting to see if any natural attrition occurs.  In the meantime, we will be speaking to those members who are rarely at the club to see if they might be willing to move their boats until they are able to sail more often.  And failing that, we are going to have to “volunteer” people to do so!

Until we find a permanent solution, we appreciate your forbearance for any inconvenience the success of our club is generating!  If you need to access your boat, please move the boats on the floor as needed, but put them back when you are done.  

Importantly, please store them end to end down the left side of the aisle, leaving a free corridor down the right side with unblocked access to the bathrooms.  Do not store them side by side!

Family and Community Days – Save the Date

Kirk Marcolina

During the weekend of April 6-7 we’ll be sharing a bit of DBSC with our family, friends and wider community. After sailing on Saturday April 6thwe’ll have our annual Family Evening. It’s a chance to show off the club to our loved ones, and for our families to meet and mingle. We’ll have a jumping castle, RIB rides, parent / child sprint races, and a family friendly BBQ. 

On Sunday 7 April, from 10am to 1pm, we’re hosting our inaugural DBSC Community Day.  More details will follow, but we’ll need a lot of volunteers for the day, so please mark it on your calendar. 

Family Day Fun in 2018.

Family Day Fun in 2018.