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79 Bay St
Double Bay, NSW, 2028

The finest Laser sailing club in the world, located in Double Bay on Sydney Harbour.


Brett Beyer Coaching

DBSC has partnered with Brett Beyer Sailing to offer advanced coaching for our members. 

Brett is an Olympic coach and 13-times Laser World Champion, equalling the all-time record also held by Keith Wilkins (whose son and grandchildren sail with us at Double Bay). 

Brett has an extraordinary understanding of all dimensions of the sport and a unique ability to communicate this clearly and in a way that is tailored to the specific needs and learning-style of each student. 

In just a few lessons with a Masters sailor, he makes simple improvements that have a dramatic effect on results. And there is no end to the horizons of learning and growth available beyond that as he works with students to reveal successive layers of technique and tactics. 

Improper Course has published an excellent interview with Brett, which encapsulates his coaching philosophy and style. 

Brett Beyer Sailing offers the following programs at Double Bay Sailing Club:

1. Brett Beyer Saturday Program

This program is attached to our regular Saturday racing program, and is a rolling series of 10-week subscriptions. 

Participants are offered brief on-water coaching feedback between races, a post-racing debrief in the clubhouse, individual or group GPS analysis on tactics (see below), and an individual report on technique. 

There are three different GPS subscription levels:

  1. $900 program, which includes individual GPS commentary and statistical analysis on a leg by leg basis vs the other participants in the fleet
  2. $500 program, which includes group GPS commentary on a leg by leg basis about the performance of the fleet in general, and individual statistical analysis
  3. $300 program, which does not include GPS data or analysis

2. Brett Beyer Wednesday Program

This program is attached to our regular Wednesday night twilight sailing during daylight saving. Racing starts at 5.30pm. 

Brett sets up a course and conducts sprint races for all attendees, with both subscribers and non-subscribers welcome to participate. 

The subscription program is conducted on a rolling 10-week basis and is limited to 10 participants. Subscribers are offered a portion of time each week for individual on-water coaching during the races. 

The cost is $300 per subscriber. 

3. Brett Beyer Lecture Series

Brett conducts a series of evening lectures in the clubhouse on advertised topics on advertised Wednesdays. The lectures run from 8-10pm. 

The cost is $21 per person, which includes the lecture and pizza. Drinks are available from the fridge under the usual honesty system of payment. 

A third party booking system is used to collect payment each time in advance of the date. Members of other sailing clubs are welcome to attend up to a limit of 50 people on a first-in, best-dressed basis. 

4. Brett Beyer individual coaching

Members of the club and other sailors are encouraged to contact Brett directly to arrange individual coaching sessions. 

Brett’s email address for this purpose is