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79 Bay St
Double Bay, NSW, 2028

The finest Laser sailing club in the world, located in Double Bay on Sydney Harbour.


DBSC is an all volunteer club, and we expect all members to contribute to the club's running. There are a multitude of opportunities to help out, so everyone's skills (no matter how unpolished) will be useful at one time or another:


Captain of the Day

See this page. 

Principal Race Officer

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Paul Adam AM does a wonderful job managing the canteen, but helpers are always welcomed.  Many hands make light work during peak lunch time, the end of racing BBQ, the Christmas function, regatta days and AGM supper. 

Learn to Race

We always need people to help.


Between the Rear Commodore and the Property Officer, a lot of the maintenance work is done, but we need more helpers on an ad-hoc basis or at the working bees.

Australian 18 footers (“A18s”)

We have a symbiotic relationship with the A18s, which requires us to provide volunteers most  Sundays during summer on water and in our canteen.

The rampant consumption of sandwiches, pies, drinks, etc by each of the A18 teams and community helps our club financially.  We only staff the club from 11am, despite the fact the 18s “need” to start rigging their boats from 8am to be in time for the 2.30pm race.  There is also the moral requirement to have them fed!

The A18s folks man response boat “Bergman”, but we need to ‘man’ response boat “Adam.” John Vasey does it most weeks, but he isn’t around it all the time.  Most days it is a nice motor following the 18s race around the harbour.  Some days it is about rescuing/towing disabled boats back to DBSC.

With the DBSC Canteen, it would be great to have someone help Paul Adam (the person not the response boat) too.  Volunteer(s) on Sundays would person the canteen- making sandwiches, selling pies, drinks, chocolate bars etc.   It is also good for security to have some one around when the club is open.  It would be from about 11am.  A18 go afloat about 2.30pm - and there is a quiet period until they return- depends on wind, but around 4pm. They come in for soft drinks, and normally finish by 5pm.

If people could do parts of the time it would be appreciated.

How to volunteer generally:

Canteen –

Boat roster –