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The finest Laser sailing club in the world, located in Double Bay on Sydney Harbour.

Brett Beyer Saturday Program (2020-1)


Brett Beyer Saturday Program (2020-1)


Brett Beyer Saturday Program (2020-1)

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The Brett Beyer Saturday Program will run for 7 sessions as follows: 21 Sep, 19 Oct, 26 Oct, 2 Nov, 16 Nov, 30 Nov, 7 Dec.*

There will be two categories: B = $315, A = $630 (plus merchant fees).* Everyone is invited to join the post-race briefing on the deck.

“B” participants receive (a) a video of the start with voice-over commentary, (b) a video of the “real time” GPS tracks of the fleet, (c) a leg by leg analysis of the performance of the fleet including individual speed and angle statistics vs the fleet, (d) access to Brett for comments and questions on water when not racing, (e) participation in the communal post-race debrief at the clubhouse after racing.*

 “A” participants receive all the above plus (f) an individual report on their performance, referencing tactical and/or technical considerations and (g) the opportunity to email Brett with follow up questions.

*Terms: See below.

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*The programs are conducted by Brett Beyer Sailing and all contractual arrangements are between the participant and Brett Beyer Sailing. Double Bay Sailing Club disclaims all liability, including liability for negligence. The programs will run for the advertised number of sessions as stated, except as notified. Brett Beyer Sailing reserves the right to skip particular sessions at its discretion for reasons that may include, without limitation, conflicting coaching responsibilities, competition events, holiday periods and weather. If a session is skipped at the option of Brett Beyer Sailing, the program will be extended to ensure participants receive the advertised number of sessions or applicable monies will be refunded. If a participant is unable to attend a particular session when the program is conducted, the participant forfeits the entitlement to that session and Brett Beyer Sailing does not have to make good. Any sample reports are indicative only and Brett Beyer Sailing does not warrant the form or content and accepts no liability if the form or content differs. Where applicable, Brett Beyer Sailing will record real-time technical observations on various eligible participants using a dictaphone or other means. However, due to the number of eligible participants, and the practicalities involved with monitoring all participants, Brett Beyer Sailing may not provide individual on-water or written technical comments where applicable for each eligible participant each session or at all. Brett Beyer Sailing accepts no responsibility for failure of electronic equipment including a failure to record GPS information where applicable, and the resulting inability to provide the advertised content including content that is similar to that shown in any sample or prior reports. Brett Beyer Sailing does not guarantee equal coaching time for each participant where applicable. The BBSP will not occur at all or for a particular class if Brett Beyer Sailing deems there to be insufficient subscribers. The BBTP will not occur at the advertised price if there are less than 10 subscribers. By their subscription, participants accept these terms.