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79 Bay St
Double Bay, NSW, 2028

The finest Laser sailing club in the world, located in Double Bay on Sydney Harbour.


Being the Best COTD

Andrew Cox

It comes around once per year… Your chance to give back to the club by being the COTD or Co-COTD. You want to do your best, but what the heck are you meant to do again?! It’s a common problem, so we’d like to encourage everyone who is rostered on as COTD / Co-COTD to please read the COTD instructions here before you attend the club. Please bring a copy with you to check off the tasks.  Some of the important things to keep in mind (and that have been missed lately): 

  1. The safety bags that are required by law to be on each of the RIBs have not been taken out (they are stored on the floor next to the handicapper’s desk and must always be taken on the RIBs).

  2. When the safety bags have been taken out, they have been left in the RIBs after racing, rather than being put away.

  3. The drainage flaps on the back of the RIBs have not been put down and opened via insertion of a boat hook handle, resulting in the Bergman filling with 2 tonnes or more of water, which risks breaking the hull and failure of the davit – a very serious safety matter.

  4. The davits have been left unlocked with their padlocks and keys adjacent to them, rather than being padlocked with the keys returned to the kitchen – another serious safety matter.

  5. The start and finish buoys have been placed the wrong way around – the blue wrapped buoy is for the finish line.

  6. The large DBSC flag has not been flown from the south flag pole – this is important for club branding and must be flown every Saturday.

  7. The light switch for the outdoor sensors has been turned off – only the top switch near the south entry door should be off, and the bottom switch should always remain on.

  8. COTD / Co-COTD are required to remain at the club and pack everything away after people finish socialising – plan to be there from 11am to 6pm.  

  9. Please remember you must NOT ride the davit up and down in the RIBs – use the ladder to enter the boats after lowering and to exit the boats before raising.  

We appreciate all the volunteer time and commitment that goes into being COTD / Co-COTD.