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The finest Laser sailing club in the world, located in Double Bay on Sydney Harbour.


Help Us - Member Survey

Kirk Marcolina

Last week you should have received an email via asking you to take part in a survey on how to improve DBSC. Out of 100 surveys that were sent, we have received only 18 complete responses. Another 21 people answered the first question, which is in the covering email, but didn’t click through to the survey.
Thank you to those who have completed the survey – your responses are very helpful and informative.  But we need to hear from many more to make sure we get an accurate picture of how the membership views the club and how to best improve it.  

There are 10 questions.  The first question is in the email you received and, when you click on that, it takes you through to the full survey. For those who have only done one question, could you please go back and finish the rest?  For those who have not done the survey at all, could you please take 5 minutes to complete it?
Among other things, there are some new and exciting training programs we’re considering implementing, but we need the survey results to move ahead with them – and, if we have the numbers, our coach has generously offered to upgrade his GPS equipment while he is in China for the next couple of weeks – but we need responses ASAP for this to happen

 We will share the results with everyone once the survey is completed.  Thanks for your participation!