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The finest Laser sailing club in the world, located in Double Bay on Sydney Harbour.


Op-Ed: can we do better

Red October

I refer to the recent politburo discussion paper of installing "12 pokies in the disable toilets" to help pay for the cost of re-piling the clubhouse: I think we can do better.

In terms of generating revenue, it is clear there are two significant economic routes we can take on the gambling front.  We can follow the path of Canley-Vale Diggers or Jamie's Barangaroo.  With that in mind, let's think about what we can do with our disable toilets.

Under the Diggers' approach we should be thinking of installing at least 30 poker machines in the disabled toilets, or go to a 100 pokies by using all three toilets.  Additionally, we could leverage our excellent culinary traditions in providing victualling for the gamblers (although 2-minute noodles isn't much of stretch.)  The downside would be the need for a roster of members to patrol the local streets to ensure the kids left in the cars do their home work.

Under Jamie's model, we go the high-roller route.  Baccarat, being the preferred game because it takes gamblers the longest to lose all their money, would be offered at one table with US$10k per bet limits.  Under this model we would have to employ some guest hospitality workers to provide the appropriate servicing of the high-rollers.  We would have to ensure that there was no European sunbathing by said guest-workers when the 4.7 fleet was training or competing.

Clearly, we can do much, much better than only 12 pokies.

PS:  For those of you who have flown business class or first class on vacation, here is another alternative: