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The finest Laser sailing club in the world, located in Double Bay on Sydney Harbour.


Update from the Delta Lloyd Regatta

Kirk Marcolina

Finn and Marlena did DBSC proud by participating in The Delta Lloyd Regatta held in Medembilk, The Netherlands. Both did well in an extremely competitive field -- Finn placing 8th, and Marlena 60th overall.

Here are Finn's thoughts as he jetted back home: "The medal race was intense, to say the least... with the top 10 best sailors in the world put against each other on a super short course close to shore, it was bound to be a close race. The points were really close, so my plan was to sail the race like any other... The start went really well and I was popped out on the leeward end and ended up crossing most of the fleet... The race went so quickly, a total blur, and was really tricky to find the time to look around and get into the rhythm of the race... with heaps of boats around, the waves were really choppy and messy (just like Double Bay) so downwinds were quick and required a high degree of precision. I finished 7th in the medal race, overtaking the Cypriot Pavlos Kontides (2012 Olympic Silver medalist) on the final downwind. I secured 8th overall and I am really happy with that result."

Congrats to both Finn and Marlena!

Finn at the Delta Lloyd Regatta

Finn at the Delta Lloyd Regatta