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79 Bay St
Double Bay, NSW, 2028

The finest Laser sailing club in the world, located in Double Bay on Sydney Harbour.


Warning to newbies.


Every year, starting in late February, DBSC newbies seem be concerned about the large numbers of seemingly homeless folk loitering around Steyne Park for days on end: don't worry,

In a concept unfamiliar to Laser sailors, those sailing 18s seem to take between 6 and 8 hours to rig their boats.  With the 18s' major regatta starting in late February, the JJ Giltinam , we will have lots of company for almost two weeks.

The good news is the 18s are the world's leading consumers of toasties, and thus the global advantages of our Canteen Crew means we can monitise that leadership position.

Canteen Crew Captain, Paul Adam, the legend and not the RIB, expounded:

"There is not one of our regular toastie maestros who can be matched globally: all the competition is in-house.  Ranking those maestros is difficult given they each have their own gourmet intrepretation and the JJ Giltinam consumers are quite international.  Andrea's toasties seem to be popular with the Antipodeans.  Shirley has a huge and tremendous following amongst the non-Mexican Americans: Americans and President Drumpf love Australians and  President Trumbell.  While Deb's toasties have the Germans dreading going back to pork and cabbage at the end of the regatta.  The list of other toastie superstars at DBSC goes on...." 

The crew is happy to share their secrets (are there 11 herbs & spices?) to anyone that would like to join the fun.