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Thanks from Yngling Crew

Kirk Marcolina

As mentioned in last week’s newsletter our race committee helped several Yngling crews during the squall that hit the harbour on December 2nd. Here is a letter of thanks from one of those crews:

Dear DBSC,

I would like to personally thank Clare and her other crew member who assisted us in the Yngling fleet (apologies I don't have his name) on the weekend to help get us out of the rocks during our capsize at the end of the last race of the Yngling nationals during the squall on Saturday. It was quite a situation for them to be placed in and their efforts were noted despite the natural confusion and a bit of loud communication occurring as we tried to stop our boat from hitting the point. They really tried their hardest to help us and I can't thank them enough.

No people were hurt and the boat has ultimately suffered little damage (broken rudder, few ropes and a little bit of sail damage). After recovering we've had an extremely good laugh and the whole episode has been put into perspective now. We got out the next day in a different boat and got on with it!

My experience with DBSC goes back further, it may be worth mentioning that I'm a laser sailor (at GSC) and had the privilege of getting a few lessons off Martin White in my earlier laser sailing days and learnt a little bit about RO work with Jonathan on the start boat. I can't thank Double Bay SC enough for all the help they have given me over the years and especially in my time of need on the weekend. What a wonderful club and you should be proud of the people who represent you.

I can officially say now that righting a capsized Laser is far easier than a Yngling!

Fair winds,

Elyse (Skipper of Shining Star/NED 355)