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79 Bay St
Double Bay, NSW, 2028

The finest Laser sailing club in the world, located in Double Bay on Sydney Harbour.


This Week's Snapshot

Kirk Marcolina

  1. It is Heats 7 & 8 of the Spring Point Score this coming Saturday.  Briefing at 1pm, first warning signal at 2pm.
  2. Welcome back to our Worlds sailors and, in particular, our new World Champion, Martin White!
  3. Congratulations to our youth sailors, who put in a good performance at the State Championship on the weekend.
  4. Please email ASAP for the Brett Beyer Wednesday program – we need more.  And twilights start at 5.30 this Wednesday.
  5. We will be shutting down RSVPs for the Season Opening Sailors’ Dinner soon, so please get your tickets this week here.
  6. The NSW State Masters will be held at DBSC on 18/19 November – sign up here.  And don’t forget the Coasts at GSC on 21/22 October.
  7. Come and join our new DBSC closed group on facebook – sign up at “Double Bay Sailing Club – The Top Mark” here.
  8. Welcome to our latest new members, Chris Perrin (and his wife Sally) and Jack and Mina Ferguson (who will sail over from RSYS).
  9. The final instalment of survey results focuses on the topic of property.  Thanks again to everyone for participating!
  10. Big boat race this coming Sunday, 8 October.