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79 Bay St
Double Bay, NSW, 2028

The finest Laser sailing club in the world, located in Double Bay on Sydney Harbour.


Laser Racing

Kirk Marcolina

We had 20+ boats for our sprint racing last Saturday, and another 11 of our sailors were at the Coast Championship at Gosford. 

Thank you to Pippa Batchelor and Geoff Boscoe, who did a great job officiating in yet another tricky Double Bay southerly!  We had about 7 short races with a good mix of winners. 

This weekend is Heats 9 and 10 of the Spring Point Score. The briefing will be at 1pm, with the first warning signal at 2pm. 

The Brett Beyer Saturday Program will be on again this week. For subscribers, there are five important things to note:

  1. Put two elastic bands around your mast between the vang and the boom
  2. If you did not return your bib two weeks ago, don’t forget to wear it this time (and please return it on-water at the end)
  3. Be on the water by 1.30pm to allow sufficient time to get “rigged up” with bibs and GPS units
  4. There is very limited time for on-water coaching between races. If you want any feedback, you need to sail over to Brett and wait in the queue. Get your sound bite and move on. But if you ever see Brett sitting by himself, take the opportunity to head over and ask him a question. And feel free to do the same after the post-racing briefing in the clubhouse 
  5. Don’t forget to return your bib and GPS unit on-water after the second race. Brett needs to download the GPS data before the post-race briefing