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79 Bay St
Double Bay, NSW, 2028

The finest Laser sailing club in the world, located in Double Bay on Sydney Harbour.


+50 Lasers make the starting line.


Madame Secretary's call to sail last week was heeded with +50 members and visitors hitting the start lines on a glorious Saturday afternoon in Sydney Harbour..

Finishing his homework early, Grasshopper 2.0 was allowed to sail a Standard and was unbeatable in the tricky SE wind conditions.  Just as well the study roster just cranks up in his final year of high-school and he will be back in Radial soon.

Logistically, we are gearing up for more and more members.  New dollies have been delivered and are awaiting wheels, so those practising "just-in-time" management, such as Bradfield Simpson, will be able to get a dollie.

The JJ Giltinam starts on Friday, so 18s crew will be arriving from Monday to start rigging up.  If you can help the Canteen Crew to make toasties and sell Gatorades for a few hours, please email

This coming Saturday, the older geezers will be at the Laser Masters, so the rest of club can enjoy the Saturday Super Sprints.  We need to be considerate for the 18's, they will need to start rigging by 10am in order to make their 3.30pm start.  To make matters worse, high tide is at 1pm, so we won't have beach to play with. Please be understanding if lasers are asked to rig on the eastern side of the 18's clubhouse. 

For the newcomers....sprints are 2 laps aiming for 15 minutes, 3 minute start sequence: 

  • 3 minutes hooter and 2 flags raised
  • 2 minutes. Hooter and 4.7's start
  • 1 minute. Hooter, radial flag drops and radials start
  • 0 minutes. Hooter, standard flag drops and Standard rig start

If you are coming last, cut the last top mark so you get the next start in time. We aim for 6-8 races in quick time