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79 Bay St
Double Bay, NSW, 2028

The finest Laser sailing club in the world, located in Double Bay on Sydney Harbour.


Big DBSC fleet at Masters States

Luke Parker

16 DBSC sailors enjoyed a great State Masters Regatta on 7-8 Feb at SLMASC.  The wind was a little late arriving each day, but we did manage to get 5 good races in.  The two fleets were large and deep; 71 Standard Rigs, 59 radials.  (This compares with fleets of 32 and 49  respectively in the open state titles.)  Consequently the starts were both critical and competitive. In short, bad start = big trouble.  Mid fleet bouy roundings provided ample opportunity to reacquaint oneself with the R-rated spectrum of the English language. 

Fleet and division results can be found here

Notable DBSC results:

  • Mark Bethwaite won the Standard Great Grand Masters, and Steve Wawn was second (>65 year olds)
  • Richard Bott won the Standard Apprentices (35-44 yo)
  • Peter Wallace was 5th Standard Grand Masters (55-64 yo) 
  • Martin White was 5th Radial Grand Master
  • Matt Wenke fell agonisingly close to knocking off his nemesis in the Standard Masters.  Again.  Made for a fun drive home. 

The DBSC fleet was generously supported and coached by Finn in the Alexander's RIB.  Thanks guys. 

Regarding the Friday golf.  We didn't win.  The handicapper's team did.  Draw your own conclusion. 

A portion of the DBSC Flotilla (with pet Pelican) waits for the breeze to kick in

A portion of the DBSC Flotilla (with pet Pelican) waits for the breeze to kick in

For those that didn't attend, the Laser State Masters is a great regatta, supported by sailors of all skill levels.  There's a lot of good racing, relaxation and laughs.  It should be on the calendar of all our "mature" sailors.  Next season we should try to send more sailors than Middle Harbour, who sent 18 this year.