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(re)Introducing the yellow jersey

jules hall

Many moons ago, our forefathers at DBSC had some pretty smart ideas.  One of which was the 'yellow jersey'.  Apparently it caught on and was copied at a bike race in France. 

Each week at DBSC the overall winner of the day was awarded the yellow shirt.  Resources were limited in those days and legend has it that the shirt they shared around was made of a product they called "cotton" grown by a secret order of silent, chaste western NSW monks.  Hand woven each season by a member of the committee (who wasn't on curtain sewing duty), the shirt was awarded after racing and proudly worn continuously for the following seven days by the week's winner.  Continuously; at work, at play and in the sack. 

This shirt defined what the fashionistas now know as 'one size fits all'.  Our pioneering forefathers achieved this by making a shirt so big, anyone could wear it.  Clever hey?

Replica of the original 'one size fits all' yellow jersey

Replica of the original 'one size fits all' yellow jersey

We quite like this idea, so are re-introducing the famed 'yellow jersey'.  

How does it work?

- Each week The Handicapper will calculate the overall winner of the day, based on corrected handicap results.  The winner will be detailed in The Handicapper's notes on the results page of the website.

- There is one jersey for Standard rigs, one for Radials.

- At the race briefing the following week, each yellow jersey will be handed out to the winners from the previous week (to great applause and cheering, with a hint of jealousy from fellow members).

- Said winners will then sport the yellow jersey (made of the most modern materials money can buy, continuing our passion for innovation) for selfies and that week's race. 

- At the end of racing, the holder of the jersey will take into the showers with them, remove it from their weary torso and liberally wash it - with soap - finishing with a solid rinse. Finally, they will hang the jersey on its dedicated plastic coat hanger (another great innovation), in Hero's Alley (previously known as the approach to the change rooms).  As seems fitting, the Standard jersey will be hung on the north of Hero's Alley (gents change room side) and the Radial jersey will be hung to the south of Hero's Alley (ladies change room side).

John Vasey proudly sporting the new yellow jersey

John Vasey proudly sporting the new yellow jersey

Other details

- As with most things at DBSC, this is a 'use it or lose it' award.   You've got to win one week and front up the next to parade in the spoils of victory.  If the winner doesn't show the following week, the honour will pass to 2nd place.  If they aren't there, 3rd place etc.  ie No rain checks. 

- If you are on COTD duty the week you should be wearing the jersey.  Well that would look silly, so you can't. It goes to 2nd place etc.

- For Club Championships, we will run it slightly differently - the yellow jersey will be worn by the overall leader of the series.

- If we have a double header (club champs & pointscore) then the Club Champs prevail (like this coming weekend).  If it's non Pointscore sailing, the jerseys will be rested until the following week. 

- In the case of any other disputes, the decision of the Commodore will be final.  No appeals will be accepted unless accompanied with a fullish brown paper bag. (Filled with cash, not Vegemite sangas)