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Double Bay, NSW, 2028

The finest Laser sailing club in the world, located in Double Bay on Sydney Harbour.


Life Member Update: epidural, welcome back and asked to leave


The Wise Master

In a medical first, The Wise Master had his hip replacement done under an epidural rather than a general anaethestic. Explaining why, he elaborated:

"Orthopaedic surgery is like carpentry which will be painted over.  I wanted to make sure that not too much medical grade "builder's bog" was being used.  Also, I brought a couple of files with me in case there needed to be a little extra fitting required."

Operation went well and after a few more days rest in hospital, The Wise Master will relocate to Lady Davidson Hospital where there will be a enough rehabilitation over a fortnight to ensure that he will be able to recommence his other hobby of mixed martial arts.

PB welcomed back

After a long break, Peter B visited the club on Saturday.  Typical of Life Members, he couldn't just sit down and enjoy the view from the deck, he volunteered to help out.  PB helped run the Saturday Sprint Series aboard Jazzman.  Everyone agreed, we want to see PB back more often!

Asked to Leave

While DBSC Life Members volunteer by just rolling-up their sleeves and doing the work, it isn't always appreciated elsewhere.  Dear Leader who went into hospital on Thursday was kicked out on Saturday.

DBSC's Honorary Chief Medical Officer, and St Vincient's media superstar, da Dr G explained:

"Thursday went well, but by Friday AM Dear Leader had decided that that ward needed to be reorganised, and by Friday PM he wanted the whole hospital organisation restructured.  While many of his ideas are really good, you can't insist on a breakfast meeting with hospital's board on a Saturday morning. Hence, he had to go."

Given DBSC thrives by having volunteers, so we want all our Life Members at the club on Saturday afternoons!

....not a Life Member, but made 2015 NSW Senior of the Year.

Our uber cool, da Dr G was honoured this week.  In a congratulatory telex, our country's paramount leader said:

"Lucy and I are so pleased, that da Dr G has been recognised for his work dealing with the aftermath of Australia's (and backpacker) drug and alcohol effected detritus.  We all know that the emergency department on hospitals should be filled on weekend with sportsmen and women, and not overdoses and the results of violence."