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Getting a boat licence

Jules Hall

The Wise Master, Emeritus Director of the Centre of Engineering Excellence at DBSC, has kindly agreed to run the power boat licence training on the 23rd August starting 9.00am, running for about 3 hours.

We need licenced boat drivers, and this offer by Dene will save you money and time in getting a licence.

If you want attend, email 

For information about boat licences:

To obtain an initial general or Personal Watercraft (PWC) licence applicants must:

1. Complete the compulsory General Licence Boating Safety Course and for PWC applicants the PWC Licence Boating Safety Course. Courses may be completed online, by purchasing a DVD for viewing at home, or by attending a course in person. See How to comply with the Boating Safety Course requirements for more information.

2. Provide evidence of practical boating experience - this is what Dene is offering on 23rd August at DBSC, and

3.  Successfully undertake the general licence knowledge test and for PWC applicants the PWC licence knowledge test at a Maritime Service Centre, Motor Registry or recognised training provider (RTP). Bookings for tests are required, please contact your local Maritime Service Centre or Motor Registry to book for your test prior to attending the office.

The Boating Safety Course(s) must be undertaken before the licence test(s) can be attempted however, practical boating experience can be completed at any stage although a boat licence will not be issued until all 3 components have been successfully completed.

I.E. You have to complete 1 before you do 3,  but you can do 2 any time.

Ideally the candidates should do 1 and 3 before the 23 August (our on-water day) but it isn't a precondition to entry on the 23 August.

Applicants wishing to upgrade their existing general licence to a PWC licence are not required to provide evidence of practical boating experience and need only comply with PWC Licence Boating Safety Course and PWC licence test requirements.

The general licence knowledge test comprises 40 questions of which the first 15 must all be answered correctly and the PWC licence knowledge test contains 15 questions of which a minimum of 12 must be answered correctly.

The PWC licence knowledge test cannot be attempted until the general licence knowledge test has been successfully completed.

The Maritime Boating Handbook provides essential boating information for operating a vessel for recreational purposes on NSW waters. It is strongly advised that licence applicants study the handbook prior to completing the boating safety course and practical experience requirements and undertaking the knowledge test(s).